General Fashion

With all the loads of different armor and weapons available in-game, there really can not be just one type of article for WoW RP outfit. These 6 sections house many more collections and articles to consider when wanting to find something for your character(s) to wear.

Check them all out!

Outfits, Outfits, and More Outfits!

Don’t know what to wear? With many different collections listed, hopefully you’ll find something to suit your character! Choose from simple, straightforward outfit ideas, or be inspired by the different themes that house multiple outfits.

This collection is not, by all means, complete – as there are endless outfit combinations one can create with the armor available in the game. These are just Kirina’s favorites.


Easy and Fun!:

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Professional Outfits

Click on the different profession buttons below to view outfit ideas!

Show us your character’s professional outfit creations on the Kirina’s Closet Forum!
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NPC Styles

Outfits and uniforms for a guard in your home city, or any other NPC, you’d like your character to be!

Home-Town Heroes

Other Guards

Other Favorite NPCs

    Coming soon!

NPC Directory ~ A listing of various NPCs whose outfits were mentioned in various articles.

Check out Letters From Birdfall ~ Fashion in the Cities, World of Warcraft threads, Kamalia et alia, and The Visual Roleplay Gear List for more NPC styles!

If you have an outfit for your character that looks like the one worn by your favorite NPC, show us on the Kirina’s Closet forum…it’ll probably be added to the site!

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Top of the Class

Of course, one of the best ways to look like your class is to wear a full Tier Set (especially original/older tier-sets), or class-specific armor/weapons. However, this section focuses on outfits that look like certain classes, and are designed to be worn by anyone, not necessarily that particular class.

When putting together most of these outfits for the different classes, I started first by looking at what the NPC trainers for that particular class were wearing. Because all these outfits were made to be more around town role-play than for battles, the NPCs usually are dressed more casually – thus, giving “causal class” examples for a basis.

So, if you ever wanted to look like a different class (or like yourself ^_^), try this outfits on for size!

Click on the different class buttons below to view outfit ideas!

If you have some great outfit ideas for a certain class, stop by the Kirina’s Closet Forum: Guest Writing Board to see what you can do for this site! Your article and/or post will more than likely be published here! ^_^
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Spirit of Azeroth

This section of outfits is for those articles of clothing that remind us of our home town, a favorite zone, or…dare I say…an outfit that encompasses the “spirit” of Azeroth.

More sections will be added, hopefully, soon.

Zone by Zone

Sanctuary, Sweet Sanctuary

Please feel free to share your zone/home city outfits for all of us to enjoy on the Forum.
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Guest Writers' Articles

This page lists all articles on this site that were written by readers of Kirina’s Closet. Do no forget to check out the Kirina’s Closet Forum for even more RP fashion insight – like Kamalia’s Dress Catalog and Color Coded Clothing Catalog and much, much more. Want to show off what you wear? Post something up while you’re on the forum – it may be published on this site! ^_^

Around Town and Specialty Outfits

Professional Outfits

Home-Town Heroes and Other NPC Outfits

World Events Outfits

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