The Herbalist

When farming up low-level herbs for a guildie who was leveling up Inscription, I grew tired of riding around in heavy armor for no reason (I was in starter zones…) I don’t know why I had the Simple Dress in my bags (probably going to send it to an alt), but I do remember looting the Emblazoned Hat from a lockbox I found. I equipped the hat with the dress, and TaDa! My herbalist outfit!

I added the Apothecary Gloves later (Horde only quest reward, sorry) to give the outfit a more real feel to it – people wear gloves when pulling weeds, or gardening, and these fit snuggly on the hands. I was also surprised about the hat, as it almost looks like one of the floppy hats people also wear while working outside.

    Although, I don’t think many people in real life garden while wearing a dress, the outfit the way it is makes me think of dainty Edwardian Era ladies walking around their tea gardens picking roses.
    (Sometimes, I feel as though I am way too into these outfits ^_^ ).

Another “herb-ing” outfit I came up with is a little bit more…nature trail…like

I actually broke one of my “outfitting rules” for this one. The Padded Boots look silly, LoL. I would totally laugh at someone in real life, and in-game, should they be wearing them…especially with short pants, like the Royal Trousers. But, I was going for a more “nature nerd” look, and these fit to a T!

Both of these outfits can be easily adapted to one’s armor availability and style, and, are also a good match for any character’s race and/or skin color.

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