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Welcome to Kirina’s Closet! This site showcases most of the outfits (some role play…some just for fun) I have compiled for Kirina throughout my time playing in the World of Warcraft.

Transmogrification of gear introduced during WoW – Cata brought a whole new level of character style into the game, and to this site, as well. Most of the original articles have been updated to house “transmog-able” outfits; however, all Kirina’s outfits and ideas on this site can be made to be transmog-able for your character with a little bit of creativity ^_^ .

About Me & This Site

I have been playing World of Warcraft since August 2006, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Though most of my time playing this game (3 years) was on Lightninghoof in the guild Praetorian, a series of events led me, and my husband Waddell, to Tichondrius – where we are now in a small guild of friends, HeroStatus, named for his WoW addon.

For me, the game is at its best when I’m running around Azeroth doing nothing important with my beloved Orc-turned-Tauren, and real-life husband, Waddell (former guild leader of Prae for 4+ years and now the leader of HeroStatus), and also when I’m, of course, taking pictures of Kirina’s outfits.

I won 2nd place in Vidyala’s, of The Pugging Pally, Well-Dressed Paladin Outfit Contest. The prize was the gorgeous artwork above, drawn by Vidyala herself ^_^ . I proudly have it has the new banner for this site, and I love it!

This site has been active now since its inception in June 2009. These links house snippets of information over what happened during that year.

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Feel free to comment on anything you wish; I’d love to know what you think (even if it’s criticism ^.^).

If you would like to post up some of your own outfits over something already up on this site (or your own unique styles), or even a whole article, please check out the Kirina’s Closet Forum! and post there.

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About Kirina's Outfits

First off, thanks for deciding to read this article! ^_^ It’s kind of long, but, I hope it gives you more insight when creating your own WoW RP and Transmog outfits!

* * I try to stay true to this site, and Kirina, and use only the items I have in possession on my character(s) when presenting outfits in my articles. However, I have begun to use WoW Model Viewer more, which allows me to showcase various outfits on other races other than my little Blood Elf (and get into some great poses for screenshots ^_^). Please note that, with the exception of some NPC outfits, any WoW Model Viewer outfit found within my articles reflect what items I have/had on any of my characters.

The Wish-listed Outfits section of this site showcases outfits I wish I had for Kirina, so, it includes clothing/weapon items that I have never had, nor could possibly get. However, if you have, or can get, any of the said items, hopefully it will be a resource for what outfits you can make with them. And yes, it allows me to play with WoW Model Viewer ^_^. * *

My focus for this site is to present items that most players can obtain. I try to steer away from using class-specific items and faction-specific quest rewards, and I also try to include vendor-bought items that can be obtained for both the Horde and Alliance. And, I will always make a point to list alternatives for most of the items I use for my outfits in my articles, just in case what I have is not obtainable for your character or to show you what you can do with items you already may have.

Anyway…on to my “Outfit Tips”

I tried to find ways to use certain pieces of armor in more than one way – especially BOE’s that end up taking up precious space in Kirina’s bank. If I couldn’t find alternate uses for a weapon or armor choice, I usually didn’t pursue it (unless I really, really liked it ^_^ ). Because others can’t really see what neck-piece or trinkets your character has on without inspecting you, I really don’t add those into outfits to save bank space as well. I also have a limited amount of shoes…no one really notices those either, unless they’re pretty obvious (like pirate boots).

All outfits were designed for a level 85 character, so, I’m sure that there are level requirements for some, if not most, of the outfits I created for this site (some can also be kind of expensive ^.^). It was brought to my attention, however, that some RPer’s characters might not be at max level to appreciate wearing the “better outfits.”

With this in mind, there are several NPCs in most of the home cities of either faction who sell lower level armor sets that can be labeled a “role-play set”, such as the…

and the…

Vendor bought armor can always be mixed and matched interchangeably, as well as with armor crafted by a profession, to create different looking outfits than what is available as a set. There are also numerous world-drop gray armor-sets, like the Calico Set (level 10), to be considered as well in outfit combination creation.

For even lower level requirements, the starter sets of the different race/class combinations allows a low level RP character of a different race/class to look its best – even though the armor worn is gray and with minimum stats. Shirts have no level requirements either, and are essentially the deciding factor when making an ordinary armor set into something completely different. And, of course, there are always the holiday favorites that look great on any level of character, any time of the year.

“But how will I know what looks great on my character?”

For the most part, Kirina’s outfits were put together outside of game on the wonderful Wowhead tool: Item Comparison – it isn’t just for serious PVE/PVP gear anymore. You can even do a 3-D view of your completed outfit on your race/gender. The only limitation is that it shows a defaulted skin and hair color that may or may not apply to how your character actually looks; however, it is a good preview of what to expect before farming for, or buying, the said armor in-game. A lot of other players, including myself, also use the WoW Model Viewer, which is extremely handy, as well.

Also, when deciding what to wear on your character, never forget the power of the in-game closet view to see how the selected piece of armor looks like with you in it. This will show how well (or how horrible) the armor looks with your character’s skin tone and hair color…even with certain facial expressions.
Another good deciding point on what outfit looks great on your character is to take notice of what NPC’s of your race/gender are wearing (Blizzard dresses them nice ^_^). Not that my advice is for you to look like a NPC, rather, the NPC’s are usually dressed in outfits that look the best for their race. Most of the armor worn by NPC’s can also be easily mimicked in gear available to players.

As in real life fashion – what looks good on one person may not look good on another; consider that as you dress your character, as well. Especially for female characters…just because a robe or tunic shows a lot of cleavage does not mean it’s sexy and tasteful on some races. The same applies to those leggings that turn out to be *ahem* a pair of panties and thigh-highs…they might be sexy on Blood Elves and Humans, but just look silly on Gnomes and Taurens.

Of course…if funny-tacky was the look you were going for, then, by all means, go for it! For Kirina, however, I use 3 simple guidelines to choose what to put her in:

  1. Would I (if I could) wear this in real-life?
  2. Would I laugh at this outfit if I saw it in real-life? (aside from the holiday get-ups ^.^) and
  3. Is it appropriate for the situation? (that is…”Am I over/under-dressed?” and/or “I need a dress for Children’s Week…how about the one that doesn’t spill my boobs out everywhere…”)

I also take Kirina’s “personality” (yes, she does have a personality) into consideration for her outfits…(she’s modestly coy, imo). Again, I don’t role play, but I’m sure those who do know what type of personality they’ve allowed their character to have, and, when outfits mesh with that as well, it’s golden!

Remember to make outfits your own, and to always show off how great your characters look!
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Kirina's Wishlist

You can’t have everything you want…but, isn’t it still fulfilling to have something to dream about?

Here are Kirina’s outfit, and item, wishes

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Character Mini Bio's

Ever wanted to know the stories behind the “models” seen on this site…or just need more to read and/or possibly laugh at? This is an ever-growing list of mini-bios over the characters featured on Kirina’s Closet.

Kirina’s Models

Kamalia’s Models


After her parents died to a “mysterious illness”, Kirina left her family’s little mana farm in Eversong Woods, an area which was slowly, but surely, being taking over by the Scourge. Weilding the only weapon she knew how, a kitchen knife, she set out in search of a better future, and to provide income for her remaining relatives: a younger brother and a twin sister. She met the fearsome, yet kind Orc (turned Tauren), Waddell, while out questing – an incident where he saved her life, and, after hearing of her disposition, openly agreed to help her from then on. Help grew into friendship, and friendship grew into love. Their inseparable bond was questioned by all Horde memebers; however, grew to be welcomed.

Kirina is 26 years of age, and is the oldest of all the siblings. She believes her parents became too corrupt by fel magic, and lost control over it, thus ending their lives (not the “illness” story she was told). Because of this, she refuses to allow herself even the slightest degree more than what she needs of arcane energies, and is weaker in body and power than most of her kind. However, she is very strong in heart and spirit. Not being able to raid on most occasions, she focuses more on fashion and farming for lesser known armor and weapons; one could say she replaces her magic addiction for a shopping one.

To start fresh with Waddell in a new world, Tichondrius. Although her and Merlaina were not on the best of terms before there parting, she misses her sister dearly, and often wonders about Merlaina’s well-being.

Her interests are: Waddell, fashion, and herbing.
Favorite World Event: Hallow’s End

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WADDELL (not actually contributed by Waddell ^_^)

Waddell, like Kirina, lost his mother and father early in life to the on-going bloody battles in Azeroth. His main goal was to then be a better, stronger fighter for the Horde more than his father was before him. He came into leading the guild Praetorian after the original founder disappeared without a trace, leaving all the responsibilities to him. Waddell, despite hating his new role with a passion and having no desire to be guild-master, led Praetorian with an iron fist and golden heart, quickly progressing it to the top as one of the most feared, and most respected, guilds in the land. At 26, he gave up leading after 3 long years to spend more time with Kirina, and focus on their life together.

Waddell met Kirina in The Barrens, and healed her before she died to the elite Alliance Outrunners. Despite the common feeling of distrust and fear of the Blood Elves by the rest of the Horde races, Waddell sensed something more true and genuine about her, and defends her whole-heartedly in the face of prejudice. He supports her fashion addiction, and often solicits her creative help to others.

Recently, he turned to the race of the Tauren to better fight for the Horde. As things have been settling down with Kirina and himself, he has also come back into leading Praetorian – saving the guild from practically crumbling away. However, with the declining status of others’ abilities and dedication, Waddell, now 29, decided to start fresh in a new world, and he left Praetorian to start a small guild of friends, HeroStatus, on Tichondrius, bringing Kirina along with him.

His interests are: Kirina, “Pwning N00bs”, making money
Favorite World Event: Brewfest

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When her twin sister Kirina left her and her brother behind to explore Azeroth on her own, and later, to stay with Waddell, Merlaina’s anger and jealously compelled her to become a Death Knight for the Lich King. She was never afraid of using the magic she needed, and then some, as a Blood Elf, and the runic powers brought forth from her later decision filled her weary soul completely. Even after the Battle at Light’s Hope, she has problems breaking free of the Lich King’s control, being somewhat satisfied by the dark conscience that flows through her. Knowing that she’ll be more powerful than Kirina could ever hope to be is part of what fuels her to continue with its bidding.

Merlaina’s anger stems from being left in Eversong Woods, instead of leaving with her sister as she would have liked. She is jealous over Kirina’s success and her relationships with others – especially Waddell, and does as much as she can to break them apart. Merlaina chooses to have limited contact with her twin, hating the compassion she feels to want to speak to her. She hates fashion; however, does wear some outfits if Waddell asks her to do so…using these brief encounters to attempt to seduce him away from Kirina.

Kirina’s move to a different realm struck Merlaina hard. While she enjoyed making her sister’s life full of drama, Merlaina now finds herself fighting off a growing sense of loneliness and depression. She subconsciously follows in her sisters footsteps by dedicating more time to Kirina’s favorite past time, fashion, and starts to show off a couple of her own outfit creations…almost as a way to cope with the absence of her sister.

Her interests are: Serving the Lich King, being a trouble-maker for attention
Favorite World Event: You’re kidding, right? People are too happy for her to handle any of them

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Kamalia and her sisters grew up roaming the peaceful green plains and meadows of southern Mulgore. Kamalia had always been fascinated by the power of the elements, as manifested in summer thunderstorms and rushing mountain streams, so when the time came for her to pass through the Rites of the Earthmother, she chose the path of the shaman. She adventured with her cousin Ronada, a feral druid, and quickly fell into the role of healer. Three of her five younger sisters have come of age and chosen their paths: Kerisa the balance druid, Ketura the hunter, Keija the warrior. Kamalia’s two youngest sisters, Kaohana and Karelia, are not satisfied with any of the traditional paths of the Shu’Halo (they will be a priest and a paladin, respectively, after the Cataclysm comes). Kamalia has recently found herself in the position of mentor and counselor to a young Tauren death knight of the Grimtotem tribe. Chosen through intense competition among the Grimtotem youth to be one of those sent by Magatha to receive the promised power of the Elder Crone’s mysterious allies, Kregga Grimtotem came to Acherus and served Arthas loyally, but after the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel, she felt betrayed from all sides and is now seeking to rediscover herself and re-establish her connection to the Earthmother.

One day, while running errands in Silvermoon City after battling the Burning Legion on the Isle of Quel’Danas, Kamalia met an elf whose family name was, surprisingly, the same as her own tribe name. Intrigued, the two struck up a friendship, which soon extended to all of the elf’s sisters and cousins. Kamalia’s first elf friend was the copper haired mage Kaelinda, who is a tailor by profession. Kaelinda’s relatives include the brunette paladin Kiraleia, the silver haired priestess Kimona (oldest of them all by several years), the platinum blonde rogue Kelisanna, the butter-blonde death knight Katelyra (who, before she was captured by the Scourge in the aftermath of the destruction of the Sunwell and converted into a death knight, was a hunter/ranger serving under Sylvanas Windrunner), the red-headed warrior Karieluna (who will come of age just after the Cataclysm), and the warlock Kalaneia, who is honey-blonde when she’s doing the serious business of questing but has been black haired and all shades of red-headed and in general any hair color she feels like while doing her more usual occupation of banking.

Since elves are generally considered cuter than tauren, you will probably see more of Kaelinda’s family than of Kamalia’s in my postings.

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If you have a character bio of your own, share them with us on the Kirina’s Closet Forum.
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Kirina's Crafts

Outside of the World of Warcraft, I love to do needlework (among other crafts). I mostly knit and crochet now, but, I started out with cross-stitching and sewing with plastic canvas.

My other “blogsite” is dedicated to my crafting adventures, including any and all WoW inspired crafts.

Check them out at The Knitted Cupcake

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