Kirina’s In-game Wishlist

Even though I complain about not having enough bag space, I still want to be able to have SO much more for Kirina  ^_^ .  I know I’m not the only one who would appreciate seeing some of these “items” in game, and I can only hope someone in the creative department at Blizzard stumbles over this page and gets some ideas. Trust me, Blizzard, I will have no qualms if you’d like to use any of this – just as long as Kirina can have it ^.^  But, I digress…

Be sure to check out the Kirina’s Closet Forum topic: “What’s Your In-Game Wishlist?” to see what some of this site’s readers are thinking up, and/or to post your own wishes!

Some of this…stuff…below may be a little bit of a stretch to have in-game, but I can still dream.

General Game-Play

Everyday Use

Holiday & Special Events

Tabard Bag
Having an expandable “bag”, like how the keyring works, for housing tabards makes perfect sense to include in game. 25+  tabards? Come on, that’s like, a Northrend bag and a half of tabards…bag space that is needed for more “important” things. And unlike some achievement point whores that buy all the tabards they can, earn their points, then delete/sell them, I would like to keep mine for sentimental purposes. I know I’m not the first one to suggest this type of special tabard bag, and I would sacrifice not having any of the other “dreams” listed on this page for it.

Sometimes wishes do come true!
I guess the “Void Bag” coming out in patch 4.3 can take care of my tabard storage needs…and all the other junk I’ve kept on Kirina ^_^.

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Hooded Cloaks
LoL…I think it would be neat to have a cloak that actually drapes over one’s shoulders and can act as a sort of helmet as well. Actually, I think the design might conform to one’s helm already equipped, and drape over that if it is shown. I rarely show Kirina’s cloaks due to the fact that I feel like a cheezy, off-brand “super-hero” that runs around with a blanket tied around her neck.

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Equipping 2 Types of Headwear
This is one of those wishes that’s a little…out there…However, I feel as though there is some logic in wanting it. In real life, a person can wear sunglasses and a baseball cap, so, why aren’t there some helms in-game that could act the same way. Goggles, face-masks (like the Bloodelf Bandit Mask), headbands….any helm that basically is on the face, rather than sitting on top of the head, should be equip-able with those helms that actually are on top of one’s head. And yes, I know there are some helm pieces that cover the entire face, obviously, those would be excluded…it would be like, an option allowed by certain helms to equip a “face helm”, like another slot would open up beside it. /Sigh. I don’t know…I can see where something like this would be hard for Blizzard to try to implement in-game, especially now. It’s just so disheartening to want to make a “driving outfit” (for when I’m riding shot-gun in Waddell’s Mechano-Hog), and the picture in my head is of Kirina’s hair tied back with some kind of cowl wrap, while wearing her hot, Ruby Shades…and then, oh wait, I can’t do that…it’s either the cowl or the shades. Ah well, this is a wish list. ^_^

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Different Viewing Options when Eating/Drinking
I always seem to come up with the ideas that are near-impossible to implement in game. Kirina has eaten/drank a wide variety of foods and drinks in-game, but, the only thing I’ve ever seen are a hunk of bread and a stein of ale. My suggestion is not to see each specific food/drink (that would be overkill), but rather, if one is eating a “meaty” food in-game, they see their character eating a big haunch of meat. If they should eat a soup/chowder like food, they see a bowl, and, when eating a dessert like cake/candy item, they see their character eat a small cake, or equivalent. Drinking really only has one other viewing option – a bottle, for when drinking wines or other bottled drinks. Seeing these different foods could be changed in the interface menu options in-game, and would possibly depend on the strength of one’s computer to successfully work.

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Unenchanted Flying Carpets
The kind tailors make, only they can be used by any player (not just tailors), and are not a mount. It would be more of a rug to sit on…under a tree…on the beach…for about 5 minutes or how ever long chosen

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Lawn Chair
I don’t know who would be more suited to make it – an engineer or a blacksmith – but it would be just a simple, lawn-chair like item to sit on for an amount of time.

Sometimes wishes do come true!
Mushroom Chair…it isn’t crafted, but, it’s pretty awesome ^_^.

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Again, I don’t know who would be the one to make it – a tailor or a leatherworker – but it would be an object that acts like a banner…only it’s an umbrella that’s high enough off the ground to sit under…possibly on either the rug or the chair ^_^ ( I think you see where I’m going).

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Alchemy set
(Yes, I went there ^.^ ) Sets out a bubbling, ” lil’ alchemist” toy set. Can be used by party members, and when right-clicked, you could receive a random buff, or even a random low-level potion or elixir…it could even blow up on you and give you a “friendly” debuff of “research failure”. It would be great to see them sold by a toy/alchemy vendor in limited supply, but it would even better if alchemists could make them by using already made potions/elixirs, herbs, and some sort of engineered frame work.

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Daisy’s Dukes
It’s not fair! She get’s them…and she chills out in a zone no one really goes to any more! It’s time Blizzard stopped favoring Daisy, and let us all have a pair of her hot, little, blue jean shorts. I wouldn’t even mind if they still had her name, “Daisy’s Dukes”…hell, she could even sell them (that would be sweet ^_^). Doesn’t she need money to visit her family, or something, in Theramore anyway? Source:
Ah well…would be nice…

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More Off-Hand Frills
I always get some what jealous when I see what some of the vendor NPC’s are holding in-game. I wish Blizzard would add more common-item off-hand frills to be obtained by players. The wine vendor in Dalaran sells her wine glasses to players, why couldn’t a bread vendor sell a bread loaf off-hand as well? I’ve even seen other vendors that hold a bottle (not a broken one ^_^ ), and I would like to have that instead of a mug sometimes. I would also love to make more professional outfits for this site, but an outfit for tailors, and other crafters, to work in would just look like any other ordinary outfit because there are not many options for accessories to make them different.

Here are some off-hand frills/misc. weapons that I wish were in-game, especially for different professions:


  • “Pair of Scissors”: Either a plain off-hand, or some sort of one-handed mace/axe that looked like a giant pair of scissors.
  • “Roll of Fabric”: A 2-handed misc. weapon (not unlike the Diamond Tipped Cane) that looks like a long roll of colorful fabric.
  • “Large Skein of Yarn”: An off-hand frill that is a big ball of colorful yarn. Also an alternative to the previous wish.


  • “Large Feather Pen”: An off-hand (or one-hand…so one could equip a book off-hand with it ^_^) that is a long, feathery quill; it’s held in hand like a bouquet of flowers, and could even drop ink every couple of seconds when the off-hand is shown.


  • “Magnifying Glass”: An off-hand that is a large magnifying glass.


  • “Whisk”: An off-hand (or one-hand) that is a whisk/egg beater.
  • “Wooden Spoon”: An off-hand or weapon (wand; one-handed mace) that is a thick wooden spoon.
    Sometimes wishes do come true!…well, not my wishes, but, it’s close!
    Spider Splatter Mace


  • “Hard Loaf of Bread”: As mentioned above – an off-hand that looks like the one carried by various bread vendors
  • “Bottle of Wine”: Again as mentioned above – an off-hand that is a whole bottle like the ones held by various wine/drink vendors.
    Sometimes wishes do come true! Well, for Horde players (for now)
    Mok’Morokk’s Grog Bottle

  • “Filled Mug”: The same concept has the Red Wine Glass, only it is a clear mug that is perpetually filled with an amber ale.
  • “Basket of…”: A basket off-hand that is full of fruit, flowers, even fish, or could be empty. The Egg Basket is great for Noblegarden, but not for everyday use…unless there was a “Farm Egg Basket” full of white/brown eggs to hold while in a farming outfit ^_^.

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More Simple Kilts (and the like), Please!
I titled it in a way to get the reaction “She can’t be serious, more Simple Kilts?” What I mean by this section is more common clothing items, whether vendor bought or made by a profession, to have for our characters…especially more skirt/kilt options. While I appreciate the many different common armor sets available to be bought by vendors, they are relatively all trouser outfits. Some of the clothing items I’d love to see added in-game are (and the only ones I can think of now):


  • More colors of the Simple Kilts style. I can think of at least a dozen outfits I could make with a black casual kilt, or a brown…even a green one.

    Chest Armor

  • “White Tuxedo Set”: Please?!?! The name says it all…who wouldn’t want a white tuxedo for their bank alt?
  • “Plain Jumper”: A sleeveless jumper dress in just one color – maybe in a brown, dark green, gray, or even red.


  • “Emerald Filigreed Shirt/Doublet”: There are not many green shirts available that are relatively formal, and a dark green one with emerald and scarlet trimming would be beneficial for male and female characters.
  • “Pink Swashbuckler’s Shirt”: Put that Pink Dye to even more good use. If it is to be tailored, the pattern can even call for just a White Swashbuckler’s Shirt and some of the dye. But more pink shirts, in general, are needed.


  • “Wreath of Flowers”: Possibly sold by a flower vendor – it is a cloth hat that looks like one of those circlets of flowers and ribbons.
  • “Cooking Apron”: Ultimately would look like an apron with some sort of “Kiss the Cook” logo, or a special food graphic. The chef’s hat needs a companion…
  • “Reading Glasses”: A non-engineer goggle alternative whose lenses are clear. Haris Pilton needs to either sell the ones she is wearing, or a new pair of “shades” – maybe all black? In any case, more non-engineer eye wear needs to be available to players. It’s almost not fair, LoL.

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Horde/Alliance Guard Outfits
I’ve seen requests like this before on several different WoW sites, and on the Blizzard forums: why can’t players have an outfit that will look like any of their home-city’s guards…I mean, I know why, but…why? To me, I think each guard’s outfit (with the exception of say, The Undercity – who’s guards are abominations…but could very well be substituted for a Deathguard outfit), should be available for players to buy after reaching exalted with that Horde/Alliance city. Of course, they can only be bought and worn by that faction…and I wouldn’t even care if the armor pieces would be hella expensive, just as long as I knew I could possibly get them. It’s either that, or Blizzard needs to bring those specific armor skins/styles to be available for players to get, and piece together an outfit that way. “Pretending” isn’t fun anymore, everyone wants to be serious now. Having the only guard outfit that looks identical to the real NPC – the Orgrimmar Grunt outfit – is kind of unfair to Alliance, imo; let them at least have an actual Stormwind City Guard outfit ^_^

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Lunar Festival
I can’t think of anything specifically (maybe you can), but, I feel as though there needs to be more items to buy using the Coins of Ancestry. It seems as though players are getting more than they can spend. Perhaps some cooking recipes…maybe a non-combat pet? Something…

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Love is in the Air
In my opinion, this event needs more “rare” incentives from the gifts of adoration…many people have gotten everything worth having trying to grind out achievements, and now have no desire to participate in the event the next year (kinda like the lunar festival). Here’s what I came up with:

  • Tailoring Pattern: Pink Murloc Toy (off-hand frill)
  • Alchemy Recipe: Love Potion #____ (9, 8…etc.): Could give a certain stat buff, or even make you see every player as an attractive member of the opposite sex.
  • Cooking Recipe: Some sort of recipe that uses vendor bought items (that possibly might have to be added), or a combination of those a already “cooked” foods, to make either a cake or chocolates…might could even be to make a sparkling pink champagne ^_^.
  • Permanent Box of Chocolates: Off-hand frill (Or one-hand…so you could hold the murloc toy in the other ^_^).
  • Jewel-crafting Pattern: Diamond Heart Necklace: …Or something to the nature of expensive Valentine’s Day jewelry to be crafted by other players.

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Pirate Day
Even though there is a complete pirate outfit from the Bloodsail Buccaneers, and other miscellaneous pieces that could easily resemble it, I feel that a little bit more needs to be added in game to make the pirate outfits brought out to be worn on this day more…aaarrrrrthentic…

  • “Captain’s Spaulders”: Black cloth or leather shoulder armor that look rugged and tattered, along with the addition of a stuffed parrot that sits on one shoulder. C’mon, you know it’s a great idea ^_^ .
  • “Captain’s Hook”: A small fist weapon that makes your character’s hand look like it was replaced with a hook.

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I believe Blizzard took away both the ram and the kodo Brewfest mounts out of the world-event (that’s why having one is a Feat of Strength)…why?, Blizzard…why?? /Cry. I think their decision is based upon the epic debates between the Alliance and the Horde that heat up every Brewfest (one which I will not get into here), with Blizzard stuck in the middle trying to make both sides happy. My solution? Simple. Bring back a Brewfest mount to strive for…whether it be bought with a massive amounts of Brewfest Tokens, or drop from Coren Direbrew; however, don’t make it “faction” looking. What about a Brewfest BEAR mount. OMG! How cool would that be? I’ve been talking about something like this with guildies since last Brewfest, and, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to think of this type of idea. Brewfest is one of every players favorite, and most anticipated, world-events, and there needs to be something really awesome to go with it. Hops? Meh, whatev’…Bear mount?! Yes, please! ^_^

Other than that…can’t really think of anything else to add to this holiday? Maybe:

  • Brewfest Tabard: Would be awesome to have a tabard that looks like the Brewfest banners that are up during the event.
  • Sausage on a Stick: A skewered sausage off-hand/common weapon
    or a

  • Big Pretzel: Off-hand that’s a large, salty pretzel

**Edit** Both mounts are still in-game and drop from Coren Direbrew…however, I still stand by my Brewfest Bear mount wish ^_^

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Harvest Festival
While searching around in Wowhead, I stumbled across autumnal herbs, that are found in a few Thanksgiving like recipes. I’m not sure if these recipes will be accessible during this event, which has been an unofficial Thanksgiving in WoW, or if Blizzard is adding a new Thanksgiving week-event during the actual month of November. In either case, it would be nice to have something like what are listed below as well:

  • Pilgrim Hat: a cloth helm that looks like the traditional (stereotypical) pilgrim hats.
  • Pilgrim Robe: I’d like to have a robe that looks like what the female Blood Elf Pilgrims wear. Classic Thanksgiving ^_^
  • “Bountiful Cornucopia”: A permanent object that places a full cornucopia of food down for people to loot from. One could set it out along with Great Feast and maybe a Cask of Dalaran Red to have a private Harvest Festival dinner.
Sometimes wishes do come true!
Pilgrim’s Bounty…well, except for maybe the “Bountiful Cornucopia” one ^_^.

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Hallows End
I’d like to see some more changes in the Hallow’s End event. Last year, I found myself with a lot of Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats toward the end of the event, and really wished I could have used them as currency instead of just deleting them/waiting for them to disappear. Similar to the Noblegarden event – I’d like to see a Hallow’s End vendor to buy stuff with using this candy, or, just add more rare items to get when trick-or-treating, OR, maybe both…if I don’t get it from looting, I could buy it ^_^…anyway, I’d love to see these in game:

  • A Hallow’s End pumpkin: A permanent item with a 30 min cool down, or however long, that is used to place a carved jack-o-lantern, that actually glows, some place.
  • “Witches Brew” Cauldron: Similar to the Goblin Gumbo Kettle item from the WoWTCG loot card, it would place out a bubbling cauldron of some kind of…dangerous…drink that can be looted by party members.
  • Candy Bucket: An off-hand frill that resembles the classic orange pumpkin pail. Noblegarden got its Easter basket….this Halloween event should have its own as well. I mean, we go trick-or-treating! We need to have something to hold all that candy…
    Maybe some vendor bought costume pieces like:

  • Black Cat Ears: Cloth helm that looks like…black cat ears.
  • Pink Fairy Wings: Cloth shoulders that look like the glittery pink fairy wings in real life
  • Witch Hat: Like the orange and black witches hat sitting on a shelf in the Dalaran Toy Shop.
  • Hallow’s End Tabard: An orange tabard with some kinda spooky design, or even just a plain carved pumpkin face.
Sometimes wishes do come true!
Creepy Crate, Feline Familiar, and the Little Wickerman were welcome changes to the 2011 Hallow’s End, and, the event changes in general made the holiday a bit more fun for me (like having the Tricky Treats be a currency ^_^).

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Winter Veil
Again, this is another holiday event I feel could use some fresh new items to keep people coming back for more. How about:

  • “Enchanted Wintergreen Sprig”: A non-combat “plant” pet that looks like a sparse, little pine tree; when idle, it can grow lights and ornaments to become a small, yet festive, Christmas tree.
  • “Gingerbread Man”: Another pet could be a gingerbread boy…I don’t know which idea is more of a stretch, LoL.
  • Candy Cane: Off-hand frill that’s a large candy cane
  • “Festive Wrapped Present”: Off-hand frill that’s a wrapped Christmas present
  • “Knitted Holiday Sweater”: Does anyone else have a desire to open one of the presents in-game, only to receive a shirt/chest piece that’s in the same style as something like the Loosely Threaded Vest only in holiday colors and with a winter scene printed on it?….I know I do! ^_^
    Sometimes wishes do come true!
    Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater…I hope the model of the sweater is just a placeholder for the time being, but still….YES! THANK YOU!
  • A higher level cooking recipe: Something that would combine the gingerbread cookies, the egg nog and/or sparkling cider, and like, maybe some of the vendor bought food items, like the holiday cheese-wheel, to make a large “holiday party platter”, lootable by party members as well.

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