Kirina’s Closet 1 Year Anniversary!

June 27th, 2009, marked the first day this site went live with its first post. June 27th, 2010, marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF KIRINA’S CLOSET!

I have had a blast creating outfits for this site, and, I feel that I have grown to know more about in-game outfits since I first started last year. I’ve also learned a lot, and have been inspired by, all of you, and I am happy to be sharing in the RP passion with you all.

If there was anything I wish I could change about this past year, it would have been to have more time to dedicate toward this site. I’m going to keep trucking along, though. I have so much yet to finish that I planned throughout this past year, but, I’ve also come up with so much to more to aspire to finish for the future. This site may be a year old already, but, it has only begun.

Anyway, just to celebrate this happy occasion, I thought I might share some interesting statistics and information with you all!

General Information:

  • Date of First Post: June 27th, 2009
  • First Article Posted: Midsummer Fire Festival Outfits ~ June 28th, 2009
  • Number of Published Pages/Articles: 86 and growing

In this past year, I feel as though this site has grown from just being a place to show off my outfits for Kirina (which was not much), to being a site that tackles RP outfits for any and all occasions, people, and interests. I never thought the Kirina’s Closet Forum would be as popular as it is, and, there are amazing outfits and tons more of information contributed by this site’s incredible readers.

WordPress Stats:
**All stats are from “the beginning” of the site to today, June 27th, 2010 at 10:30 p.m.**

Number of Views for Kirina’s Closet: 86,800 views

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Top 5 Referrers for This Site

Search-Engine Terms that Led to This Site
Top 5 Terms

  • 1st: Wow RP Outfits ~ 944 brought here
  • 2nd: WoW RP Clothes ~ 411 brought here
  • 3rd: Kirina’s Closet ~ 251 brought here
  • 4th: Orgrimmar Grunt Outfit ~ 205 brought here
  • 5th: Stormwind Guard Outfit ~ 177 brought here

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