Children’s Week

Children’s Week is one of those world events that gives back to the community – being a role model for a young orphan. And although wearing your usual armor around your orphan is always an option (they might think it’s cool that you’re so powerful anyway ^_^), it’s nice to wear some casual play clothes around them too.

I chose to stay very conservative with these outfits. Your character is around impressionable, young children, and, showing cleavage/mid-drifts/and thighs is not the best choice (I sound like a junior-high principle ^_^).

These outfits are more “Matron” like: (sorry Patrons…but, you’ll probably wear your big-bad armor anyway, LoL)

The Simple Dress is always a good alternative for play clothes. A more rarer alternative would be to wear the Journeyman’s Robe with a shirt underneath. Both styles will look similar to what some other orphan matrons, like Orphan Matron Mercy, are wearing, except those NPC’s dress’s sleeves are the ones found on the White Traditional Hanbok.

The Royal Dangui is a unique looking robe, and one of the most modest ones out there; it’s basically a turtle-neck by having everything covered. And, although the name of it says “royal”, I consider it to be a very casual robe, and very mature.

Along the same family of the Royal Dangui is the White Traditional Hanbok.

Wearing this hanbok will let you look like some of the orphan matrons, like Orphan Matron Battlewail. In my opinion, it’s leaning more on the side of “being sexy”, but, I guess if the actual matrons are wearing it around children, then so can we ^_^ .

And who couldn’t be a Matron without wearing a Simple Kilt? Here’s a classic outfit:

When deciding what shirt to wear, don’t opt for the Swashbuckler Shirts, as they are too revealing, unless you plan to wear a longer, higher neck-cut chest-piece over it. I chose the Milli’s Lexicon (quest reward) as a choice of off-hand (like I’m “reading” a story to my orphan); it can be substituted for any other book off-hand. However, I wish there were more “toy” alternatives to hold…like a teddy bear, or a toy truck…I don’t know…something obviously for a child (although, I would totally equip a teddy bear every time I /Sleep-ed when logging out of the game ^.^ ).

And lastly, a simple trouser outfit (I guess for all those Patrons out there who got offended when I told you to keep your armor on ^_^):

“What story do you want to hear?”

The Royal Trousers can be substituted for other blue-jean like capris, such as Abjurer’s Pants or Azure Silk Pants; one could even go longer with pants like the Knitted Pants. The Formal White Shirt has almost a low-enough neck-line to not be considered in outfits around children; however, on male characters, it works just fine. It’s elegantly casual, and it’s a good match to spruce up any type of pant-wear.

A reader submitted a great comment: If you are lucky enough to own a Formal Dangui, you can look like another NPC matron – Orphan Matron Aria; she is the Northrend Children’s Week matron.

Have fun being a great role-model for deserving orphans. Although, for me, it’s also a sort of depressing world-event. I wish players could actually adopt an orphan, but, I guess it would become a non-combat pet at that point (how horrible! LoL).

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