The Dating Scene

All your /Flirting finally paid off, and you’re asked to meet up for a special rendez-vous! Even if you’re still looking for love, these dating outfits are sure to make a lasting impression on the one you’re meeting, or seeking.

Kirina’s collection is not a complete one. There are dozens of fancy robes and tunics to wear for this occasion, in all styles and colors. It’s all about finding what looks best for your character, and, hopefully, this article will give you some ideas.

One very pretty robe not commonly seen anymore is the Silver-thread Robe

This robe has a really low drop rate. It will be one of those robes to keep forever should you come across it on the auction house, or, by chance, loot it while out around Azeroth; it will take you a long time to come across it again. There is a just as rare counter part, the Black Velvet Robes; however, one can obtain this same style but wearing a Stylish Black Shirt underneath the Silver-thread Robe

The Stylish Black Shirt also works great for guy date-wear. Pair it up with black pants for relaxed, yet formal attire.

Along the same style as the Black Velvet Robes, the Beastwalker Robe is also an appealing robe to wear for an evening date.

This robe is rare in that it drops off one rare mob, 21% of the time; however, it is farm-able. I got Kirina’s on my second time killing it (I waited a day before I went out and found the mob again…it has a long respawn rate). If green isn’t your color, or, you don’t feel like waiting ^_^, the crafted, blue Robes of Arcana are a good substitute.
If your a male character and would like to snag this same style, pair up a Stylish Green or Stylish Blue Shirt with a pair of dressy black pants.

Another nice black dress for dating, and is more easy to obtain than the first robe, is the Simple Black Dress

In my Ebon Roses article, I had mentioned that I wasn’t too crazy about this dress; however, I do respect it’s quality and simple elegance.

“Lady in Red” says it all about this next outfit.

This very sexy dress used to be one of the rewards from a seasonal quest chain for the Love is in the Air world event. However it is no longer BOP, and is obtained through the Lovely Dress Box bought during this holiday event. This box includes the same style of dress in a few other colors, such as the Lovely Purple Dress and the Lovely Blue Dress. All are perfect for that “looking for love” outfit…it shows how gorgeous, and how dangerous (*wink*) you are.

The Dinner Suit Box can also be bought during the Love is in the Air event, and can yield some fancy dinner suits in the same colors as the dresses, such as Waddell’s Red Dinner Suit

I added the White Tuxedo Shirt to attempt to change the suit’s effect from being a tight pair of pajamas to something snazzy ^_^.

But the ultimate “looking for love” outfits are the classic black-tie get ups.

“Bartender! …I’m gonna need another…”

“…The bar’s empty tonight, isn’t it?” /Sigh

“Hey, uh, baby…” /Blush

“…Looks like we’re wearing the same hat.
Can I…buy you a drink?”

I chose not to equip the White Tuxedo Shirt in with the tuxedo, which pushes the formality of the outfit up quite a bit. Waddell isn’t getting married…yet…and the Formal White Shirt allows him to have a nice, black suit without the wrong intention ^_^

And yes, the two daters are wearing the same hat…but only in style. The Styln’ Jungle Hat is a higher level leather item, while the Battered Jungle Hat is a cloth armor item, similar to a shirt – anyone can wear it! The latter drops out of the Dalaran fishing daily quest reward sack: Bag of Fishing Treasures; however, it is a common auction house item (well, on Lightninghoof they are). The Antique Silver Cufflinks are also a drop out of the Bag of Fishing Treasures, however, rewarded from the Outland fishing daily. Look for them on the auction house, as well – no level requirements!

After growing comfortable having gone on a couple of dates with that same special person, show them a more simple side of yourself, and wear an outfit similar to that with the Simple Black Dress, only using a robe like the Red Linen Robe:

This robe isn’t as “fussy” as a lovely dress, but, it is still sexy enough to be eye-catching.

Some casual guy dating outfits can be as simple as wearing the Black Tuxedo Pants with a variety of different fancy tops and shirts. A common outfit is just the basic tuxedo set with out the jacket

Another set that I find could also work for dating in is the Haliscan outfit (excluding the sombrero ^_^)

The Haliscan Pantaloons are fancy-looking pants with no level requirement (as is the jacket). Because of this, they are are a great substitute for the Black Tuxedo Pants.

But who says people only date in the evening? Here are a couple more outfits, just as elegant, for day dates.

The Robe of Apprenticeship is one of those in-between robes – a little bit too dressy to be casual, but, a little bit too common to be fancy. However, as far as day-time dating, this dress is just perfect.

The Suntouched Flowers were a quest reward, and could easily be substituted for the vendor bought Beautiful Wildflowers or the Simple Wildflowers.
This dress also has a sleeved equivalent, the Dalaran Nurse’s Gown:

A very pretty spring time robe that isn’t commonly seen now-a-days is the Hibernal Robe

The colors and design of this robe are so vibrant, and the simple sexy design and lace sleeves will suit any character. There are a few other robes that have this same design: the Arachnidian Robes (a little bit more green), the Venomshroud Silk Robes, and Chan’s Imperial Robes (more yellow/orange). However, all are somewhat low random world-drops.

These last two dresses could go either way – for evening or day dates.

The Robes of the Exalted are more easy to come by than Elegant Robes; they drop out of an instance, rather than a low world drop. Both of these pretty gowns, however, are perfect for dating in.

Guys could wear a simple, frilly top, such as the Embroidered Armor with either the same ol’ black pants, or the actual Embroidered Pants.

There are plenty of accessories to have as well. Guys (or gals ^_^) could bring a bouquet of flowers to trade with you favorite friend. If you have any leftover perfume or cologne from the Love is in the Air world event (no longer available since the 2010 event changes), splash some on before stepping out (Kirina always has some perfume on hand ^_^); one could also use the Old Spices found in the Dalaran’s daily cooking reward bag for the “unisex” scent approach.

Have fun on your date(s)!

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