The Chef

Finally! Kirina’s cooking outfits! I’ve been waiting for this 3.2 patch to go live so rogues could learn to equip 1-handed axes (yea! ^_^). And, for those who did not see this article before, I finally got my Chef’s Hat! Here are my updated cooking outfits:

I didn’t have the desire to have a cooking outfit until I found the Cookie’s Tenderizer mace on Wowhead (that was when I was more into unique looking offhands/weapons, instead of whole outfits). I just had to have it, and it’s easily farm-able if you’re a high enough level to solo The Deadmines. I had found the Journeyman’s Robe doing low-level quests around Eversong Woods for an achievement a while ago, and paired it up with the mace. Now, I wear this outfit for extended amounts of food-making.

Real executive chef looking…the Haliscan Pantaloons really don’t make this a “casual cooking” outfit. Of course, any other pants will go fine; it all depends on how you want the outfit to be. The Meat Cleaver has some other bloody axe equivalents, such as the Butcher’s Cleaver, the Glutton’s Cleaver, or the Abomination Cleaver.

I really like the contrast between these two outfits. Kirina’s first one looks like more of a baker outfit: for rolling out dough for various breads and tasty cupcakes. Her second outfit looks more…lethal. It’s the butcher outfit: for chopping up meats for big platters of assorted steaks.

There are some great off-hand frills to dual-wield with either the Meat Cleaver or Cookie’s Tenderizer: trophy fish, Last Year’s or Last Month’s Mutton (also a mace), or a short slicing knife, such as the Skinning Knife.

I really wish Blizzard would add more off-hand frills/food-like weapons; I need a long loaf of bread like what she’s holding to have with Kirina’s baking outfit ^_^ .

On the Kirina’s Closet Forum, Kamalia linked to an awesome chef outfit from the World of Warcraft Screen Shot of the Day (view it here). Below is my take on this outfit. And, to the proud creator of this outfit – /Salute! ^_^

The Screen Shot of the Day outfit uses Astralaan Pants, I believe. The Aurora Pants are the same white color, but have the gold cuff on the pant legs. A better match in boots to go with Kirina’s outfit would be the Simple Linen Boots; however, on female characters, these boots go all the way up to mid-thigh…which sounds sexy, but actually looks silly, as it goes over the cuff (which sticks out anyway underneath the boots). On male characters, the boots end just under the gold cuff, and the gold embellishments on them blends nicely into the pants.

The Buccaneer’s Gloves look like butcher’s gloves, having the tips of the fingers red, or “covered in blood”. Now the only thing missing from any of these ensembles is a tabard apron either covered in splattered blood, or with “Kiss the Cook” on it (both needed? ^_^). Hmmm…

Cataclysm brought us a skillet to equip for us chefs!

Green eggs and ham, anyone? ^_^ The Spider Splatter Mace is rewarded from a new neutral quest chain in Western Plaguelands added in Cataclysm. There is another skillet alternative (off-hand frill instead of a mace), the Unidentified Cooking Utensil, but it is rewarded from an Alliance-only quest. Either one (both? lol) will add a special touch to any cooking outfit.

Oh, and, if you can’t tell from my wish-list (with every event having it’s own cooking recipe or item), Kirina loves to cook, and often sends her friends Delicious Chocolate Cakes in the mail just for fun. Different foods and drinks that are loot-able by multiple players are a great to have on hand to share; food is what brings all of us together! Some of Kirina’s favorites are: Big Berry Pie, Cask of Dalaran Red, a Great Feast, and, of course, the Brewfest Pony Keg.

There is a nice cooking outfit on the forums. Check it out, and post your favorite cooking garb as well! ^_^

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