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This article is dedicated to Kirina’s favorite “everyday” robes. Like I had mentioned before, I am drawn more to robe/dress outfits for Kirina because it’s a nice change from her usual armor to a more casual, girlie persona. And, of course, this article is not a complete listing of the casual robes one can have for everyday wear; these are just what Kirina likes to wear.

The Dalaran Wizard’s Robe is dropped by the Dalaran mobs out in Silverpine Forest; however, Horde players are only allowed to farm for it, as the Dalaran mobs are friendly to the Alliance faction. Higher level Horde shouldn’t have a problem farming for this robe – it is a low drop, but not so rare that it will never be seen. Waddell got this one for me, but, having a weapon skill to level, and some good music playing, is not a bad idea to implement should anyone choose to farm for it themselves. Alliance players can keep an eye out for it on a neutral auction house.
This robe is perfect to run around Dalaran in ^_^

Next is the Robes of the Lich

This is a very nice robe. A square opening is in the front, as well as in the back, of the dress, exposing a good deal of skin on female characters, and yet, is in good taste. This robe is a common “boss” drop out of Razorfen Downs, and, is easily obtainable should one be high enough to solo this instance. There is another purple alternative with the same robe style, the crafted Shadoweave Robe; this same style of robe can be found in other colors, such as the white Runecloth Robe

Thomas Yance out in the Old Hillsbrad instance sales a nice array of low level clothing at a reasonable price. Some, if not all, of the items sold mimic starting outfits of certain races/classes. If you are not a high enough level to enter this instance, a higher level buddy could buy them for you, or, you could try looking around your local auction house; however, I’m sure seller wouldn’t have the item wanted listed at 5 copper.
In any case, this is a lovely robe that flatters any race.

This Recruit’s Robe is not the one that can be bought from the aforementioned Thomas Yance, rather, it is the actual starting robe for Draenei mages. I find the colors, and the style, very flattering for Blood Elves and Night Elves (and, of course, Draenei ^_^), but, beware for other female characters of a different race – it can make your arms look flabby and your breast saggy, LoL. For a different color, there are other robes with this same style, such as the purple and white Astralaan Robe

The Dark Green Wedding Hanbok is one of the many elegant robes of this style that can be bought through a vendor. If desired, a belt like the Cross-Stitched Belt reduces the Empire Waist effect of the dress, and brings the focus back to the hips; this belt correlates with the lighter shading of the flowers on the skirt and green top.

The Seer’s Robe is a great find, as it is not a commonly dropped item. The happy blue shading and style of the dress will flatter any race, and can be worn with a wide array of accessories. I chose Kirina’s Emblazoned Hat (the style and color of this hat can be found in other hats) and her Suntouched Flowers (a quest reward for both the Horde and the Alliance) to give the outfit a breezy, spring time feel to it.

As with the Seer’s Robe, the Bright Robe is another great find. The colors of it are popular amongst Trolls and Taurens, but, again like the Seer’s Robe, this robe will flatter any other race as well.

Below is another color of the same style of this dress (well, the skirt area), only sleeveless and red.

The Bloody Apron is a drop out of Shadowfang Keep, and is easily obtainable to get if you are a high enough level to solo this instance. Because it is sleeveless, it can be adapted into a different outfit simply by adding a nice shirt.

The Captian Sander’s Sash has a couple of replacements: the Apothecary’s Waistband (Horde vendor only), or the Swashbuckler Sash (neutral quest reward).

This next robe, in my opinion, is perfect to wear for role-playing in Brill. It is a fairly common drop from the spiders found in Trisifal Glades (might take you a little bit to farm for it, but nothing too terrible). Being a dropped armor item, it is obtainable for the Alliance as well.

However, this dress may or may not look so great on certain races. As with the Recruit’s Robe, this robe may may some female character’s breasts sag; the plunged neckline is actually off-centered and…pointy…on female gnomes. Very “un-stylish”.

These next 2 robes have been featured in other areas of the site (and will be featured again in the future ^_^), but, they are some of Kirina’s staples for what she wears around town with nothing else to do.

I got my Journeyman’s Robe while out low-level questing in Eversong Woods; it dropped from a rare troll mob. The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat can also be replaced with hats of the same style, should anyone not have this one obtainable for them. The Beacon of Hope is also replaceable with other alternatives, as it is a low zone drop out of Uldaman.

Having somewhat the same style to the Journeyman’s Robe, the Buccaneer’s Robe is a nice color alternative. Pair it up with a the Bard’s Boots (one of the uniquely ruby colored shoes) for a great match-up. The Red Linen Sash is also a nice alternative for the Knitted Belt.

This next robe is a zone drop from Eversong Woods, the Unkempt Robe.

This robe looks similar to the Violet Robes (actually drops in Dun Morogh), only more green than purple. I like this robe because it is simple, doesn’t bind, and can be worn with a variety of shirts underneath.

Another shirt that would look great with this robe is Neophyte’s Shirt

This next robe’s style comes in several other colors if you look around. However, this gold one isn’t seen much any more.

The Vicar’s Robe drops from only one mob, the Death’s Head Priest, and is found in Razorfen Kraul. However, the robe has a relatively low drop rate, and makes it somewhat harder to farm for.

The robe is in a very eye-catching gold; the bottom of the skirt is more of an amber color, and it fades its way up into a color that Crayola calls “Goldenrod.” ^_^

The darker shades of the Golden Filigreed Doublet match the darker shades of the bottom of the robe. This shirt also fades into that more golden color towards the top of the shirt and the sleeves – just as the actual robe itself does. ^_^

And last, but certainly not least, Kirina’s favorite everyday dress – the Civinad Robes.

This robe has a more square neck-line, however, accents the breast as well with the round, defining “cups”. Any race will look great in this robe. Although it is perfect by itself as sleeveless, a wide variety of shirts, like the ones pictured in this section, could enhance it even more. The Golden Filigreed Doublet makes it an instant fall-time play dress, accented by the Gossamer Gloves (or the Embroidered Gloves to keep it simple ^_^) and the Embroidered Belt.

If you didn’t snatch this reward from the quest it comes from, there are some look-a-likes to consider. The Simple Robe is a rare drop, but looks exactly the same as the Civinad Robes. For the Alliance who isn’t crazy for the red color, there is a purple style – the Robes of Antiquity. Like the style, but don’t want a whole dress? Try the Red Mageweave Vest on for size (on females it looks like the top of this robe).

There is a wonderful post on the forums written by Kamalia that outlines some of the classic dresses/robes of Azeroth (pre-Wrath and pre-BC), whether they’re tailored or not, and a list of many alternatives that have the same style or different colors. Check it out!

I hope this article introduced you to some different robes, or, just confirmed what you already knew to look great ^_^

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