Spring Outfits

Ahhh…spring time: the birds are singing, the weather is a bit warmer (but not without a cool breeze), and everything, even people, are beginning to melt out of the winter spirit and renew again for the new season.

Autumn is actually my favorite season; though, in south Texas there is not much difference between it and summer. What I do love about our spring down here, and I’m sure it’s the same everywhere else, is the vibrancy of all the colors – leafy green, especially. I tried to capture all those colors in these spring outfits.

I also stayed more in the “pretty dresses” realm for these spring outfits (sorry guys). There is just so much to wear in that aspect!…and Kirina has almost all of it, LoL ^_^.

This outfit, especially the chest-piece, is almost the epitome of spring-time wear: leafy green colors offset with earth tones, and actual leaf designs. The Clefthoof Hide Leggings are a quest reward from a quest chain, attainable by both the Horde and Alliance, out in Blades Edge Mountains. I’ve never had a chance to wear it on Kirina before this outfit, and, I feel it matches the Mistyreed Tunic perfectly. Some other great kilts to wear with this kind of top (and there are plenty others like the Mistyreed Tunic) could be the beautiful Giant-Friend Kilt or the Feralheart Kilt.

This outfit can look great even with a shirt worn underneath.

If you do not like the kilt idea, there’s full robes with the “leafy shoulders” like the Mistyreed Tunic, such as the Solstice Robe, the Fallen Apprentice’s Robe (Horde quest), the Sleeping Robes (Alliance quest), the Consortium Robe, or just the plain Night Elf druid starter robe – Novice’s Robe.

Unfortunately, Kirina does not have any “leaf” shoulder armor, but, there are some that does exist in-game, and would go perfect with this type of outfit. If your character is a druid, the Cenarion Spaulders are a great addition to the leaves on the tunic/robe. The Runetotem’s Mantle can be worn by any class that can equip leather armor – these shoulders look like tree branches, and, flowers occasionally grow on the shoulders while equipped.

Ah, the Robes of Insight. If you have read my Silvermoon Statue article, you will know that there are several different colors in this same sexy style of robes, and all colors would be perfect for spring-time wear (guys, be warned…these robes do not look as sexy on you all than it does on gals ^_^).

If this robe shows too much skin for your character, you can always add a nice skirt/pants and a shirt underneath it. For examples:

The Soothsayer’s Kilt is a quest reward from a quest line in Shadowmoon Valley attainable by both the Horde and Alliance. However, I wish either the Rich Purple Silk Shirt could be a lighter purple, or the kilt a darker purple, for a better flow of colors. Oh well.

I was surprised at how well the Bold Yellow Shirt looks with the color of the robe – it could just be worn with the robe by itself without any leg armor. Though, the Clefthoof Hide Leggings looks just as great with the robe, as well.

This next robe can be seen in many other articles around this site – it’s one of my favorites for Kirina.

I love the open lace design on the sleeves and the burst of green shading. The Venomshroud Silk Robes are an identical alternative to the Hibernal Robe; the Arachnidian Robes share the same style of dress, but its colors are more “grass in the shade”…a darker teal/green color shading.

Because of the open sleeves, this dress allows the color of whatever shirt to be seen underneath the robe. While the Formal White Shirt looks just fine with this robe, a green shirt, like the Green Linen Shirt, would look great, too.

Ah, and yet another dress that has been seen in several other articles around this site. The Elegant Robes is a beautiful gold robe that fits in well with any occasion. I paired it with the white and gold Gossamer Headpiece for a “Easter hat” look, but it is completely optional.

Another robe in the same style, but in a different color is the Robes of the Exalted

The blue Robes of the Exalted is another great spring-time color to wear, although this robe entails one to actually go into Stratholme to obtain it. If desired, a hat like the Midrealm Hat would look good with the blue in this robe.

If purple is your color, the lovely Alanna’s Embrace may be just for you for spring-time wear, but, it’s probably the hardest out of all of these robes to get.

If you have, or can get, the Soothsayer’s Kilt, try a spring-time outfit like this one:

The Bold Yellow Shirt goes great with the golden yellow accents on the kilt. And, while optional, the Wizard’s Belt dresses up this outfit more so than a belt like the High Councillor’s Sash would.

The Light Magesmith Robe was easily farmed for (in about 3 hours…), as it drops of the Frostmane Trolls found in Dun Morogh. The robes bright blue and green colors are in season for spring, and the similarly colored Heavy Weave Gloves accent it well.

Just for fun, I added Kirina’s Sutarn’s Ring to the outfit. The gold leather belt goes surprisingly well, and, the blue shading on the belt is actually a part of the belt, which creates a nice “open weave” illusion when worn over the blue of the dress.

I’m very fond of this style of robe, as seen in Kirina’s beloved Civinad Robes. The light green/yellow colors of this Night Elf priest starter robe is complimented with the brown colors in the hat and the gloves.

Longer sleeved shirts, like the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt can add a more “frilly” aspect to this sun dress, but the outfit is still light and breezy for spring time wear.

Another spring time starter robe to consider is the Draenei mage starter robe: the Recruit’s Robe

A nice white, purple, or blue shirt will look fine underneath this robe if you are not fond of the cut of the dress’s neckline on your female characters (I do not think it matter’s on guys ^_^)

This robe is also easily farm-able depending on how lucky you are with drops; it drops from low-level spiders found around Tirisfal Glades. The robes are darker, yes, but not without some spring-time accents (the green/teal patterns). In fact, the perfect place to wear these robes is probably Tirisfal Glades…where, it could be spring-time, but, it’s kind of too dark and eerie to tell ^_^

You can spice up these robes with the Cerulean Filigreed Shirt:

The light cerulean blue color of the shirt matches the lighter edging around the waist and the upper back patterns.

Another common robe in the same style as the previous one, though lighter in color, is the Robe of Apprenticeship:

The Bold Yellow Shirt matches the gold stripe around the pattern on the waist, while the
Embroidered Hat picks up on the lighter purple in the robe.

Just another robe of Kirina’s that I felt matched the spring-time essence.

Many people really like the Chromatic Robe, and, it’s one that will look great on any race. I should have put this outfit in the Noblegarden article, because the purple and yellow designs on the top of the dress remind me of Easter eggs ^_^

If you’re just in to the style of the top part of the Chromatic Robe, you’d might be interested in this next outfit:

Unfortunately, the Weathered Cloth Armor is an Alliance-only quest reward, so, sorry Hordies, looks like we have to have a full robe T-T

Some other spring-time trouser outfits could fall under the realm of:

The Cross-Stitched Vest is a milder purple/yellow color combo that is accented by the light green in the sash and in the designs on the Russet Hat

Lighter colored pants paired up with a plain shirt looks great too!

There are so many different ways, and different armor, to do either one of these outfits. Also, a whole correlating armor set can not fail your character either – like a set like the Heavy Weave set (as seen in the St. Patrick’s Day article).

And last, but not least, some Simple Kilt outfits:

The Aurora Armor can be replaced with just a plain shirt, but, I like the formality the chest-piece brings into the outfit.

I do not know what I was thinking when I added the Pink Mageweave Shirt underneath the Heavy Weave Armor…I guess I was trying to get every possible spring time color into the mix of the outfit. This ensemble will look fine, if not better, without the shirt, too.

This could be a great spring-time egg-hunting outfit for Alliance girls to wear: it’s simple and festive.

A tunic like the leafy Mistyreed Tunic does not need an equally leafy leg armor to compliment its design – the Simple Kilt works just as great! ^_^

Any type of flower off-hands are perfect for these outfits. If you can get some Path of Cenarius, using this item will create a trail of flowers to follow behind you as you walk, or grow around your feet if you’re standing. Other flower-making buffs could come from drinking May’s brew of the month, the Springtime Stout, or by using the Lifeblood spell if your character is a herbalist.

Happy Spring, everyone! Whether your spending your afternoons in-game around Eversong Woods or Elwynn Forest enjoying the lovely spring weather there, or are so happy that it’s spring outside in real life, I hope this article helped you pick some outfits out for this season.

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