Silvermoon Statue

When Noblegarden was live on realms this past April, I saw another player hunting for Easter eggs in a very bright pink…gown (it was such a pretty color and texture that I couldn’t really call it a “dress”). I thought I had seen every type of robe that’s in-game, but, I learned what she was wearing were the Vestments of the Shifting Sands. I had 2 responses: 1) OMG! Why don’t I have one?! It’s so pretty! and 2) Even still…it’s too dressy to run around in just looking for Easter eggs. (LoL, I was wearing a Simple Kilt outfit and bunny ears, so, yeah, you could say I was jealous).

But alas, I could never get it – it’s hard to get a group of hard-core content raiders to go back to AQ40 to help me get a dress…or even AQ20, for that matter. The Vestments of the Shifting Sands are one of the 4 robes like this (some say they look like Princess Leia’s slave outfit…okay, I’ll go there) that drop out of the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj…and all come in different colors!

So, I found a different robe…that looks exactly like the Robes of the Triumverate…it’s not pink, but, it’s still very pretty. And, it’s a level 42 requirement, instead of level 60.

The Robes of Insight are an extremely rare find, being a world-drop epic. When I saw this alternative on Wowhead, I searched everyday on the auction house until it popped up. Some lucky duck got 500g off of me, but, whatever. Kirina has this very sexy dress and she can pose like a Silvermoon statue.

Oh, and because this is a “very sexy” dress…ummm…how do I put this delicately?…Let’s just say that the female races who should wear this robe are Blood Elves, Humans, Draenei, and Night Elves. LoL! Not to hate…just my opinion ^_^ You can wear whatever makes you feel good.

I hope you are lucky enough to obtain any of these robes. They are very eye-catching (obviously /wink), and are not commonly seen anymore.

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