Yea! The Spring Bunny came to town again! How can I tell? All the flowers are in bloom…there are big, colorful eggs hidden everywhere with special surprises inside…and oodles of chocolate!

Because this event falls in the spring season, I choose to stay within color schemes that bring out a lot of greens and blues, and also a splash of pink and yellow colors (for flowers). Everything needs to have a “light and airy” feel to it – darker colors and/or all pink/red outfits could fall more into autumn or summer outfits.

Before this event changes in 2009, the “formal attire” for this holiday were only obtainable through looting the Brightly Colored Eggs…which were scattered around only in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest (and not in the towns…). So, that really made it difficult to come in possession of one, or all, of these pieces. Luckily now, we can buy them, and much more, from a Noblegarden Vendor/Merchant with Noblegarden Chocolates, should looting be a problem.

Two formal items to buy/loot that are seen here are the White Tuxedo Shirt and the Black Tuxedo Pants:

These pieces looks identical to the ordinary tuxedo pieces (Tuxedo Shirt and Tuxedo Pants). So, if farming for all the Noblegarden Chocolatesto buy everything is not what you’re after, and you’re unlucky with the drop rate for the eggs, that’s an alternative for you. ^_^

The other pieces I felt completed the outfit. The Dress Shoes can be switched for any other black boot; the belt can be replaced, as well. However, I love how the buckle on the Ruffian Belt matches the buckle in the Comfortable Leather Hat – which looks exactly like the Pilgrim’s Hat (for those with that helm and not the previous one).

The Elegant Dress is a beautiful peach colored dress in the same lacy style as the White Wedding Dress. While the dress does not necessarily need the shirt underneath, it can be added for a uniqueness factor (because every other girl and guy will probably be running around in it too ^_^)

Any brightly colored shirt can be worn underneath this dress and add a splash of color from the back, and, if the shirt is long enough, through the lacy sleeves of the dress.

This next robe is the new one that Blizzard added for looting/buying in 2009:

While it is not necessarily “formal” attire, this lovely white/gold “tribal dress”, I feel, captures the spirit of the rebirth and replenishment of the spring, and Easter, season – the robe’s use effect even allows your character to “plant flowers” (which is also needed for the achievement: Desert Rose).

If you are not comfortable with how the Spring Robes scantily fall over your female character’s bosom, you can always add a shirt underneath. The ones that I found work nicely with this robe is the White Linen Shirt, the White Swashbuckler Shirt, the Formal White Shirt….or, if white is “bleh” to you at this point try:

I was surprised with the Bold Yellow Shirt look with these robes; I actually find they go together quite pleasingly. The shirt being sleeveless also allows for one to be cooler in warmer weather.

Aside from the Spring Circlet, that pretty much covers the standard holiday garb for Noblegarden. For other formal looks, try one of these following outfits:

While I did not expect to have another Lovely Dress outfit for Noblegarden (it seems every event can use these dresses ^_^), I credit the idea to Kamalia, in her “Playing Around With Lovely Dresses” article on the forum; more specifically, this outfit:

And, while I feel the Lovely Blue Dress and the Lovely Purple Dress go better with the spirit of spring and Noblegarden, I am sure there are other “springy” outfits to be had with the red and the black dress, as well.

The Blue and Purple Dinner Suits, with a correlating bright color shirt worn underneath, is a great funky spring-formal alternative for guys (or gals! ^_^). Just something to keep in mind…

And, while we are delving back into other holiday get-ups, another formal-ish outfit to have is from the Lunar Festival’s Festive Dresses.

I see this outfit all the time…mainly on Tauren dudes, LoL…The bright pink of the dress is perfect for spring and Easter/Noblegarden.

If the bunny ears are too much for you, to outfit can be toned down to something a bit more mature:

The Wizard’s Belt may be a bit much, and, the Councillor’s Sash may have been a better route for this outfit. But, the Heavy Weave Gloves’ colors do match the band in the hat, and the hat provides a darker color to the outfit without losing style or the spring color scheme.

Again, the Festive Pant Suits – mainly the Teal and the Blue ones – and the Festive Green Dress, are great alternatives to run around in.

Some of you, I hope, may be questioning that, while wearing a pretty dress and bunny ears may be Noblegarden looking, is it really Noblegarden practical? In my honest opinion, my answer is, No; it is not practical. This whole world event is predominately about running around searching for Brightly Colored Eggs, which can get a little bit dirty and rough at times, so it would probably be better to wear an outfit like the ones below:

This outfit is sort of a tribute to the “snow bunny” outfit I put together in the Winter Outfits article.

If you think the pink shirt is a bit much underneath, the outfit still looks great without it:

Any colorful belt could replace the Councillor’s Sash, as could any colorful glove replace the Sage’s Gloves. However, I choose these particular because they are predominately white, and form fitted to the hand, but also gives a splash of color with its light blue fingertips.

A simple “trouser” outfit can be made with the Blue Overalls:

This outfit is common, yet still an eye catcher. The Pink Mageweave Shirt can be replaced by any other desired, bright shirt. However, to keep up with the “Easter egg” look of different colors in the outfit, make sure your accessories match scheme, but preferably in different colors.

In these next few outfits, I kept the top part of the outfit relatively the same, I just switched out the pants. These outfits were made to focus more on colorful trousers, but, I do not feel any “wow” factor is there for them, and thus will probably be forgotten…oh well…I’ll go through them quickly because these outfits can be made with so many other pieces of armor, it would be exhausting for both you and me to read/list the possibilities.

Wearing the Starfire Vest, or even a top like the Embroidered Armor, would go great with these pants, as well.

The Bard’s Trousers are a nice pink/magenta leather pair of pants that also have the “rugged” factor going for them. If pink is not your color, the Warped Leather Pants are in the same style, but in a bright blue color (also great for spring).

In retro-spec, I should have just used Kirina’s Embroidered Boots in this outfit…I’m getting too attached to her darling, Victorian-looking, Walking Boots.

If colorful pants are not really for you, then let us go back to blue-jean style looks.

The purple and yellow shades of the Cross-Stitched Vest are subdued, and perfect for those characters who still insist on wearing darker clothing while still trying to be a part of something (LoL…sounds like I described a type of “tween”. Instead of the plain ol’ Canvas Belt, this outfit could be brightened up with a lighter color belt – I would have used Kirina’s High Councillor’s Sash to play off of the darker plum color of the vest.

A variation of the same type of outfit as before; here you can see how a “sashier” belt looks like with the rest of the ensemble.

Both of these outfits used the blue jean capri-like Royal Trousers. This same style can be found in other cloth pants like the Abjurer’s Pants. Longer jean alternatives could be the Calico Pants or the Knitted Pants.

This is a cute type of outfit, for guys and gals, to wear during this event. On male characters, however, the Gossamer Pants come down to almost the knees, but, I guess guy shorts in real life are made to be longer the ladies’ shorts anyway.

For an even simpler looking approach, the Gossamer Pants pair up nicely with your favorite shirt, as well

This “Easter egg” outfit is what Kirina will probably be running around in the most during this Noblegarden ^_^.

Finally, some Simple Kilt outfits!

This Simple Kilt outfit is similar to the trouser outfit before it, as is this next one:

But really, just wearing the Spring Circlet with any Simple Kilt outfit – doesn’t need to be too fancy – will be just the ticket in Noblegarden fashion:

Noblegarden is also a time to join in with friends and relatives to celebrate the renewal and rebirth of the Earth. Have a quiet get together and share a meal of ham, or even some lamb (traditional Easter foods), with some good friends.
Happy Noblegarden, Everyone!

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