Winter Outfits

Brrrrr! Baby, it’s cold outside! Better bundle up with some of these winter outfit ideas to keep your character both warm and stylish.

All of the outfits below are leather/cloth armor mixes for one reason only: Mail/Plate armor = Metals = Cold as ice in winter weather. You wouldn’t want something like this to happen, would you? ^_^

You can’t go wrong with a nice warm sweater to wear on cold winter days. The Loosely Threaded Vest is a great example of one you can have for your character in-game.

The style of the Loosely Threaded Vest can be found in many other cloth chest-pieces in a variety of different colors – such as some other gray-armor items like the Dilapidated Cloth Vest and the Thread-Bare Cloth Vest.

I like the Blackened Defias Belt with the Loosely Threaded Vest because it, to me, looks like a darker knitted ribbing for the bottom of the “sweater”. However, the belt is also a dustier black color that blends in well with the dark blue of the Loosely Threaded Vest, even if it is not seen as apart of the chest-piece.

The Loosely Threaded Vest, or any of its style look-alikes, can be worn with a variety of different pants/shoes. In the previous outfit, the Loosely Threaded Vest was paired with the blue-jean like Royal Trousers and smooth, Reinforced Leather Boots. In this outfit, the “sweater” is paired with “tight black pants” and a pair of bulky “Ugg Boots”. I wish I had a pair of Daisy’s “daisy’s dukes” to have short blue jean shorts to wear with the “Ugg Boots” look-a-likes (Snowhide Hoof-Warmers); I see that worn all the time around the University of Houston…it must be a south Texas thing ^_^ .

The Snowhide Hoof-Warmers are the higher level equivalent of the Ghostwalker Boots. If white fur isn’t your forte, there are plenty other boots in this same style, both vendor bought and world drops, in tan and darker brown colors – such as the Tanned Leather Boots and the Pathfinder Footpads.

The Snowhide Hoof-Warmers are also a piece of the whole Snowhide set sold by Tewah Chillmane in Borean Tundra. The set is perfect winter weather wear, and the pieces can be easily mix and matched into other outfits (for lower levels, a good match to this would be the Ghostwalker set).

Again, if white isn’t your choice color, there are plenty other fur leather sets to choose from. To go along with the boots mentioned before: the Tanned Leather Set and the Pathfinder Set.

      Snow bunnies! ^_^

This outfit features an alternative to the Snowhide Vest – the Frostmane Leather Vest. Depending on how lucky you are with drop rates, this vest can be easily farmed; it drops from the Frostmane Troll Whelps around Dun Morogh, and only took me about 3 minutes of grind time to get it for Kirina. This style of vest does not include the “arm bands” found in the style of chest-pieces like the Snowhide Vest, and can be useful in many outfits as well. You will find in this article that I am very fond of this vest, too!

Of course, I do not think that “bunny ears” will keep your ears warm – I was just having some fun (this same outfit would look extra adorable on Gnome characters ^_^). That being said however, I don’t think there are many helms out there that would keep Blood Elves’, or any other “long eared” races’, ears warm anyway, as they stick out all the time. In these cases, I like to think that these races’ ears are protected biologically…maybe by some skin adaptation?…I don’t know…I shouldn’t worry about it anyway ^_^

I see this type of look a lot around in real life: tight black leggings, tall and plushy Ugg Boots, and a fur vest. This outfit can also have the same effect with a pair blue-jean like pants, such as the previously used Royal Trousers.

The Ruby Shades are used in this outfit to mimic the sunglasses/goggles worn by winter sport athletes like snowboarders or skiers to reduce the amount of glare from the sun off of the white snow. Any other engineering goggle can be a substitute; however, for non-engineers, one’s choices are limited to the Ruby Shades (removed from game, but can still be found on the auction house sometimes), Steamworker’s Goggles, or the Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles (quest reward). If you don’t mind the glowing aura emitted by some other non-engineer goggle choices, then the Spectrecles (quest item that can be kept) or the Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles (Brewfest reward), are some other alternatives.

Even though the Pink Mageweave Shirt looks great with the light purple High Councillor’s Sash, so does the Lavender Mageweave Shirt. If you have not done the quest yet, and are not an engineer, choose the Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles; the lenses in these goggles are purple too, and will tie in all the purple elements of this outfit.

Equipping the Grayson’s Torch, or any other flame/light source, is a great way to have fire and heat included in an other wise icy atmosphere.

In response to the guest contributed everyday outfits article: Filigreed Fever, this next outfit incorporates the Cerulean Filigreed Doublet.

The Astralaan Belt’s charcoal gray center matches the darker gray tones of the pants; the white outline on the belt blends in with the Frostmane Leather Vest to give the illusion that the belt (charcoal center) is over a longer chest-piece.

    A close-up on the previous outfit.

The blue color of the Cerulean Filigreed Doublet matches the zig-zag stitching on the Inscribed Leather Pants; the silver-gray cuffs of the shirt are also a great match to the grayness of the pants. The Knitted Gloves do not really match with the blue tones in this outfit, but, the style of the glove allows the cuffs of the shirt to still be seen while keeping your character’s hands warm.

Another great leather set is tailored by Northerend level leatherworkers – the Arctic Set:

I left out the Arctic Wristguards in this outfit because you would not be able to see them anyway with the gloves layered over them. I also did not opt opt to use the Arctic Helm, as the style of it seemed to “heavy” for this outfit. The Moldy Leather Helmet is more simple, and, in a more casual outfit, could almost be seen as a “beanie” for those races whose ears do not stick out of it.

I just bought a gun from a local weapons vendor to make the outfit more like a winter hunter, but, any off-hand or other weapon will work just fine.

The Rough Leather Set is one of those other sets that has great pieces to mix and match with others. In this outfit, the darkness of the Rough Leather Pants and Rough Leather Gloves blends in well with the Arctic leather pieces. The fur neck-lining of the Arctic Chestpiece is even tied in with the fur-like texture of the pants and gloves.

The Eerie Stable Lantern and the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat make this outfit more for icy spelunking in lost caves. There are many alternatives for both of these pieces: hats like the Crochet Hat and the Russet Hat (no buckle), or lanterns like the Beacon of Hope and Nolkai’s Lantern.

This next outfit is similar to the Frostmane Leather Vest one before it:

This outfit would look just as great using the Rough Leather Pants instead of the Black Tuxedo Pants, too.

An alternative to the Rough Leather Vest is the Black Bear Hide Vest that drops from the rare Bjarn who roams around Dun Morogh. It is the same color as the Rough Leather Vest, but in the style of the Snowhide Vest.

Even though it is a skirt, the Mystic Sarong in this outfit does look very warm paired with the furry leather accents. The armbands on the Black Bear Hide Vest gives this outfit more of a tribal feel to it; however, I added a new outfit to my actual Mystic Sarong article that uses the Rough Leather Vest as an alternative chest-piece – it’s just as nice!

I opted not to wear a belt with this outfit because the grayish blue color of the “Black” Swashbuckler’s Shirt matches perfectly with the waistband of the sarong – essentially tieing together all the colors of the outfit.

Some other robe ideas to keep your character warm and stylish is the White Linen Robe:

Or the White Woolen Dress:

While both of these robes are better suited to wear when staying indoors at the local inn, they are still great for winter wear in how they are named/look like. The White Woolen Dress’s flavor text says that it is “warmer than driven snow”, and the White Linen Robe is a great substitute for the Alliance quest reward, the Snowy Robe, whose name also matches the winter theme.

I added the High Councillor’s Sash in with Kirina’s White Linen Robe outfit, as it matches the darker purple accents of the robe. It is completely optional; however, it does tie in all the colors nicely.

This next robe is for those people who would rather look cold as ice, rather than warm and snuggy.

This gorgeous robe is somewhat expensive to make/buy…and most normal people would actually use it for gear instead of to run around and RP in ^_^. I paired it with a Moonsoul Crown, whose blue gem matches the robe perfectly, and a Diamond-tipped Cane for an icy staff equivalent (though I am sure that there are actual staves that will look just as great). I stayed simple, but one could always add more.

The level 60 equivalent, the Glacial Vest, is also a full robe, but may be just as hard to come by. If a robe is not your style there are just an icy blue vests to choose from for both levels: the Polar Vest (Polar Tunic), Icy Scale Chestguard (Icy Scale Breastplate) Icebane Chestguard (Icebane Breastplate). All of these names can lead to other correlating pieces, such as helmets, gloves, and boots, to mix and match for different ice queen (or king ^_^) looks.

And lastly, you guessed it, a Simple Kilt Outfit:

The blue colors of the Blue Linen Shirt and the Simple Kilt blend in together so well that I picture this outfit more like Kirina layered her Frostmane Leather Vest over a casual, long sleeved dress for extra warmth. Again, the Astralaan Belt makes the vest appear to be longer.

I hope these outfits have at least inspired you to go back to Winterspring, or wherever you can play in the snow at, and reminisce about leveling there or any other memories you may have…or, if you are leveling there…throw on one of these outfit ideas and make the experience that much better ^_^

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