St. Patrick’s Day

While this is not a holiday necessarily added in-game, you can still celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by simply wearing a festive outfit. I did not delve too far into outfits for this article, and kept them simple, as I feel it’s pretty straight forward (just wear a green shirt ^_^). In any case, I’m sure it would be fun to get a group of your friends together with some Great Feasts and Mead to celebrate the occasion. You can even hand out some Lucky Charms to everyone for a little gift (my intent is not to be stereotypical ^_^)

Remember to wear something green, or you could get /Pinched!

The vendor bought Heavy Weave Set is a quick way for instant St. Paddy’s Day wear. It’s bright green and teal shades are perfect to mix and match into other outfits, should wearing the whole set not be quite your style.

Another quick outfit is wearing a green shirt with a no-level requirement pants, like the pictured Haliscan Pantaloons, or Tuxedo Pants. This is a great type of outfit for low-level bank-alts who still would like to dress accordingly.

The belt and/or other accessories you can add to this outfit can be scaled down to meet a low level requirements. The Heavy Weave Shoes still make a great pairing with the fancy Haliscan Pantaloons, their dark green color complimenting whatever green shirt your character wears.

I had these pieces already for Kirina, and, will probably be running around in this silly get-up later this St. Patrick’s Day evening.

The Conjurer’s Bracers gives the nice darker green cuffs to the shirt; however, the vest looks fine without them, as well. This outfit kind of reminds me of a Brewfest outfit I made, and, incidentally, the Green Brewfest Hat is a great accessory to have for this occasion.

For a little bit more formal wear, the Beastwalker Robe is the dress equivalent to the Stylish Green Shirt

This robe is a common drop drop off of the rare mob, Nefaru, out in Duskwood. It was pretty easy for me to farm when I did so a while ago, and is very versatile in any theme of outfits.

Lastly, a Simple Kilt outfit!

You all knew this outfit would look something like this ^_^

All of these outfits used the Ornate Drinking Stein as an off-hand frill, but any festive mug or accessory will work just fine. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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