Kirina’s Closet 2 Year Anniversary

June 27th, 2011, marks the second anniversary since this site went live in 2009!

Since last summer, I have gotten married, (finally) finished college, and have begun working as a teacher. With the change in my schedule, there have been less new articles than there was in the previous year. I am working hard to change that, but, as with any other gaming hobby, real life always comes first.

With the announcement of Transmogrification coming in patch 4.3, I have switched gears in how I approach creating outfits for Kirina and this site – focusing now on sets all with the same armor type, and many more fun costumes to wear “over” ones real gear. I have also delved into the realm of older dungeon drops and using unique epics instead of common “no stat” items.

Like I said for the 1-year anniversary of this site, if there was anything I wish I could change about this past year it would have been to have more time to dedicate toward this site. I cannot quit this site until my spiral of planned ideas (some 2 years old now >.<) are published...even if one of the other wonderful WoW fashion blogs beat me to the punch. Here's to looking forward to year 3 of Kirina's Closet!

Just a Few WordPress Stats:
**All stats are from “the beginning” of the site to today, September 19th, 2011 (I was a little late getting this article out)**

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