The Simple Kilt

In my opinion, this is one of the most versatile pieces of armor in the game. I mean, how can anyone go wrong with a blue jean skirt? Anything goes with it!

Since patch 3.1, the Simple Kilt was made to be BOE…taking up even more precious space in Kirina’s bank. Because of this, I decided to have as many outfits as I could utilizing this piece of armor.

Below are some common, everyday outfits usingĀ  the Simple Kilt. I have also been incorporating this kilt in other divisions – such as in the World Event section – my aim being to give different twists on casual holiday wear besides just the standard “given” outfits.

Casual Kilt 1

The following Simple Kilt outfits use Kirina’s favorite chest-pieces and shirts as an example of what one can do with this kilt. There are literally hundreds of combinations to try with this kilt, but, you have to stop somewhere, LoL! There isn’t that much bag-space available ^_^.

As I said on the Simple Kilt main page, I have also been including, and will continue to include, this skirt in my world event outfits to show its limitless versatility…so, those just add to these combinations ^_*

Let’s get started! First, I have the Simple Kilt paired with Kirina’s Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt. This shirt isn’t really black…it’s more of a dusty, navy color to my eye. But, it goes great with the kilt anyway.

Next up: this outfit also uses just a shirt for its chest-piece.

The black leather style of the Ruffian Belt divides the blue of the shirt and the skirt (they are relatively the same shade), and connects the black sleeves of the shirt with the whole outfit. The Ruffian Belt is a common drop from a rare mob out in Silverpine Forest. However, it can be substituted for any other black-ish belt to fit one’s gear availability – though, I have found it useful for many other outfits. The Blue Martial Shirt’s style is seen in other “martial” shirts of different colors. The Orange Martial Shirt will also look great with this same belt for a Hallow’s End Simple Kilt outfit (Damn! I’m not going to have any Hallow’s End surprise for you all…/Sigh, ah well ^_^ ).

“Hmmm…This one looks nice.”

The style of the Regal Armor chest-piece is found in many other uncommon quality cloth chests, should finding it out in Azeroth, or on the auction house, be a problem. For an even simpler, non-BOE approach, it can be substituted for the Embroidered Armor; however, the latter is more purple, while this chest armor matches more with its blue vest.

/Cries “They never have my size!”

Another great example of a shirt/kilt mix. The Dark Silk Shirt almost gives the blue-jean kilt a more dressy feel to it, as does the Stylish Black Shirt:

In my Darkmoon Faire article, I paired the Elder’s Padded Armor with the Simple Kilt for a very nice fair outfit. This outfit pairs up with the Celestial Tunic, but has the same effect.

The Blue Linen Shirt brings out the other blue tones of the tunic and connects it with the kilt. And, of course, Linen Shirts in any color can be worn with the kilt with out any chest-piece over it.

Another great top to wear with the Simple Kilt is the Sage’s Cloth (as seen in the Workman Article).

“…And I say, the Astros don’t suck!”

This outfit is really causal and fun; it almost looks like one of those raglan-sleeved “baseball shirts”. If blue isn’t your color, there is a green alternative: the Shimmering Armor…however, both are rather hard to come across in out in Azeroth; your best bet to get either would be to check out your local auction house.

/Sigh. I have so much to show! I need to start picking the favorites of the favorites ^_^ I’ll be quick with these last few outfits.

The Aurora Armor is a great style of chest-piece to wear with the kilt. It’s relatively long, yet still sexy, and will flatter any race/gender. There are other styles like this one in other colors, such as the blue Royal Blouse.

These next (and last ^_^) 2 outfits use the Gold Filigreed Doublet underneath the different chest-pieces. This shirt is bought in Dalaran, along with other colors and styles – but, they are kind of expensive >.<

This last outfit has a very rustic feel to it, and that shirt surprised me on how well it flows with the Twill Vest. I equipped the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat for more of that “Old-West” feel. This same style and color of hat can be found in several others, like the Crochet Hat.

Wait, I lied…I have one more outfit ^_^ A reader suggested that I make an outfit using the Grayson’s Torch as an off-hand. It’s one of my favorite off-hand frills too, and I’ve used it in several other outfits found around this site. This torch is a great source of light, as are lanterns, so, I added it to one of Kirina’s kilt outfits that didn’t make the initial cut into this article. However, it is a great decent combination, and further enhanced by the light of the torch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of Kirina’s favorite Simple Kilt outfit. Trust me, there will be more to come that I’ll scatter around the site ^_^

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Casual Kilt 2

I couldn’t just leave this part of the site with only one casual Simple Kilt article – there’s so much Kirina has that goes with it! Hopefully, I won’t repeat outfits that I’ve already included around the site ^_^

With these outfits, I tried to stay with predominately vendor bought armor, low level gray armor items, or different starter gear shirts. Even though the level requirements for some of these outfits are low, they do not sacrifice style for your character.

The Squire’s Shirt is the starter shirt for Dwarf paladins. Its blue accents match the Simple Kilt perfectly.

Low level tailors can sew the Brown Linen Vest. What this vest lacks in “fanciness” and uniqueness, it makes up with good ‘ol common versatility.

This outfit is reminiscent of the Twill Vest Simple Kilt outfit from the first article. The Brown Linen Vest can also be paired up with the Golden Filigreed Doublet for an even better, lower level match.

This other style of the Squire’s Shirt is a part of the Human paladin starter set, but, it can also be purchased from Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Even though it will look great on its own paired with the Simple Kilt, layering it under a vest like the Brown Linen Vest gives the whole outfit more dimension.

The Neophyte’s Shirt is the starter shirt for all priests, and, like the previous shirt, it can also be bought from Thomas Yance.

All but one of these outfits before used the Worn Leather Belt, and all used the Worn Leather Bracers. Even though they match just fine with the outfits, they can always be changed. There aren’t many options for a barely level 10 character, so, I had to work with what I had available for Charletta (yeah, that’s my Human’s name ^_^).

I’m fond of purple and gold color combinations myself, and, I wanted to recapture the look of a couple of Kamalia’s Filigreed Outfits for the Simple Kilt. Here is one that I came up with…it’s pretty simple:

The dark purple color of the Darkmoon Vest layers wonderfully over the Rich Purple Shirt. While the shirt will look just fine without the vest, having the layering effect allows only the top gold collar of the shirt to show – which is not echoed in color until the cuffs of the shirt and the belt.

I love Kirina’s Sutarn’s Ring. It is hard to come by, but, I’ve been looking for it for a future Summer Outfit article. It’s also one of the few gold belts that is not mail or plate armor. There are simple, blue accents on the belt that blend in almost perfectly with the kilt; thus, creating the illusion that it is open weave.

This is not a purple/gold outfit, but, it is a great summer type outfit to consider. Another great shirt for this outfit could be the Golden Filigreed Shirt.

A set or two of world-drop grays is a must have for any player. They are versatile amongst themselves, or when paired up with other crafted or vendor bought armor.

The Brocade Vest on its own looks great with the Simple Kilt, but, pairing it up with the Squire’s Shirt adds that last blue armband that goes great with the kilt, and the correlating Brocade Gloves. The other pieces of this outfit can be substituted for something else; the Brocade Belt wouldn’t look half bad instead of the Blackened Defias Belt.

Another gray armor item is the Canvas Vest.

The Canvas Vest shares the same style as the aforementioned Brocade Vest, but is in a green/brown color combination. The Neophyte’s Shirt matches the green of the vest perfectly, and is a great shirt to layer underneath it.

Other shirts to consider layering underneath the Canvas Vest are the Formal White Shirt (pictured), or even the Common Brown Shirt

If you don’t own a pair of Riding Gloves (Alliance quest reward), I suggest getting the Gossamer Gloves. They are almost identical to each other, and both are also very versatile in brown-toned clothing, without sacrificing the stylish cuffs of longer sleeved shirts or chest-pieces.

Even though it’s barely a tunic, I’ve always been fond of the scanty Calico Tunic. However, I find it hard to find shirts that compliment it…in my opinion, seems like it’s just the Calico Tunic, or nothing! I paired the tunic with the High Councillor’s Sash to bring out purple/blue tones of the tunic, and to also use a different belt, LoL.

Lots of great armor sets for all levels can be bought from vendors – and are reasonably priced. These items are perfect for their availability and versatility. One of my favorite sets is the Reinforced Leather set.

Ladies, if you do not want the “side boob” effect for your character with just wearing the Reinforced Leather Vest, there are plenty of shirts to layer underneath it. I like the way the Golden Filigreed Doublet blends together the light and dark brown colors while keeping Kirina covered; however, any ‘ol Common Brown Shirt will give the same effect (for those that wouldn’t want to spend 50 gold on a shirt ^_^).

Sleeveless shirts go great with this vest, as well. I used Kirina’s Bold Yellow Shirt in the above outfit, but, the short sleeved Golden Filigreed Shirt will look fabulous, too.

Probably not one of the easier outfits to put together, being that the Glyphed Breastplate is a random world drop, but, I haven’t made an outfit with it yet, and I love the style, so, here it is, LoL!

Both of these breastplates look great with the Simple Kilt and the Golden Filigreed Doublet – which I have used to exhaustion in this article already ^_^

The Simple Kilt goes great with various mail and plate chest-pieces.

The Squire’s Shirt pairs nicely underneath the Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, while the straps of the chest-piece blends in perfectly with the Geomancer’s Cord – the metal medallions on the belt accenting the metal in the chest-piece.

The Cerulean Filigreed Doublet adds more formality and fanciness to this outfit, highlighted by the beautiful design of the blue Defender Girdle.

Kirina missed out on these two gems, the The Wanderer’s Cover and the Mordant’s Travel Tunic, while questing in Dustwallow Marsh when leveling way back in the day. Luckily, her twin sister Merlaina was able to get them. I paired them up with gold mail armor for the second purple/gold combo for the Simple Kilt.

Please note that now, after The Shattering, these two quest rewards have different armor skin models and are not as unique as pictured T-T .

I like blue tones on Merlaina, maybe because of her icy blue eyes. The Nexus-Strider Breastplate is a rich combination of chain mail and what looks like, to me, blue velvet. This chest-piece on its own looks great with the Simple Kilt, but adding the Squire’s Shirt ties the outfit together with the gloves and belt (both completely optional).

This next outfit is one of my favorites for Merlaina

The Defender Tunic’s “scales” fade into the shirt beautifully, especially in the front with the shirts silver designs. The girdle only accentuates this look, and ties the casual Simple Kilt into something much more elegant.

The Amber Filigreed Doublet matches the rust color of the Raider’s Chestpiece perfectly, and, almost makes both pieces look like a single piece of armor. The blue cuffs of the shirt tie the red/orange top together with the Simple Kilt, while the correlating belt keeps everything together.

So, there you have it. There’s a lot of outfits to be had with the Simple Kilt. I’m sure some time down the road, I’ll roll out with a “Casual Kilt 3: The Never-Ending Love Story”….but that will be much later. ^_^

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When the Argent Tournament hit the realms, a souvenir vendor, Broxel Goldgrasp, began to capitalize on players growing respect and pride for their home cities by selling shirts with each cities…logo…printed on it. Please note that although both factions can buy each others shirts, they can wear only the shirts that represent their faction. And, because they are shirts, lower level players can wear them as well, should they be able to obtain them by some means.

In any case, the Simple Kilt is a great way to show off these shirts, as it is one of the plainest skirts available in-game. And yes, these shirts go great with any type of pants as well, but, /sigh…Kirina’s tired of wearing pants ^_^ .

In the Orgrimmar and the Sen’jin outfits, I also have a black leather Ruffian Belt equipped to blend the skirt with the tops (well, maybe not so much for the Sen’jin one ^.^) For the Silvermoon outfit, I chose to equip Kirina’s Captain Sander’s Sash just for some added flair – it brings out the red in the shirt and also blends the chest into the skirt.

So, I took it upon myself to advance an Alliance character to level 10 in order for her to wear the Simple Kilt and show the Alliance doublets in this article. Yea!

I did not have much to work with being that this character’s level is quite low – all the outfits just use the Knitted Belt as their only accessory. In a general sense, it goes well with all the shirts; however, all the shirts can have a corresponding belt of to meet one’s desired taste. For example, the Ironforge Doublet will look great with the Burnt Leather Belt, as they are both bright red.

As seen in my Midsummer Article, the Simple Kilt can be worn with tabards as well. When layered correctly with shirts and/or other chest pieces, tabards can create unique-looking tops that are sure to get some double-takes. There are Horde and Alliance tabards available through the Argent Tournament, and plenty of faction, PvP, achievements, and WoWTCG ones as well. Tabards may be harder for lower level players to come by, but, even matching up a leisure outfit with your guild’s tabard will work just fine as well ^_^

On the forum are some other ways to “represent” your favorite city – a couple of readers submitted their own “ceremonial” outfits that use the Thunder Bluff Doublet. Don’t be shy, add your outfit too!

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