Causual Kilt

The following Simple Kilt outfits use Kirina’s favorite chest-pieces and shirts as an example of what one can do with this kilt. There are literally hundreds of combinations to try with this kilt, but, you have to stop somewhere, LoL! There isn’t that much bag-space available ^_^.

As I said on the Simple Kilt main page, I have also been including, and will continue to include, this skirt in my world event outfits to show its limitless versatility…so, those just add to these combinations ^_*

Let’s get started! First, I have the Simple Kilt paired with Kirina’s Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt. This shirt isn’t really black…it’s more of a dusty, navy color to my eye. But, it goes great with the kilt anyway.

Next up: this outfit also uses just a shirt for its chest-piece.

The black leather style of the Ruffian Belt divides the blue of the shirt and the skirt (they are relatively the same shade), and connects the black sleeves of the shirt with the whole outfit. The Ruffian Belt is a common drop from a rare mob out in Silverpine Forest. However, it can be substituted for any other black-ish belt to fit one’s gear availability – though, I have found it useful for many other outfits. The Blue Martial Shirt’s style is seen in other “martial” shirts of different colors. The Orange Martial Shirt will also look great with this same belt for a Hallow’s End Simple Kilt outfit (Damn! I’m not going to have any Hallow’s End surprise for you all…/Sigh, ah well ^_^ ).

“Hmmm…This one looks nice.”

The style of the Regal Armor chest-piece is found in many other uncommon quality cloth chests, should finding it out in Azeroth, or on the auction house, be a problem. For an even simpler, non-BOE approach, it can be substituted for the Embroidered Armor; however, the latter is more purple, while this chest armor matches more with its blue vest.

/Cries “They never have my size!”

Another great example of a shirt/kilt mix. The Dark Silk Shirt almost gives the blue-jean kilt a more dressy feel to it, as does the Stylish Black Shirt:

In my Darkmoon Faire article, I paired the Elder’s Padded Armor with the Simple Kilt for a very nice fair outfit. This outfit pairs up with the Celestial Tunic, but has the same effect.

The Blue Linen Shirt brings out the other blue tones of the tunic and connects it with the kilt. And, of course, Linen Shirts in any color can be worn with the kilt with out any chest-piece over it.

Another great top to wear with the Simple Kilt is the Sage’s Cloth (as seen in the Workman Article).

“…And I say, the Astros don’t suck!”

This outfit is really causal and fun; it almost looks like one of those raglan-sleeved “baseball shirts”. If blue isn’t your color, there is a green alternative: the Shimmering Armor…however, both are rather hard to come across in out in Azeroth; your best bet to get either would be to check out your local auction house.

/Sigh. I have so much to show! I need to start picking the favorites of the favorites ^_^ I’ll be quick with these last few outfits.

The Aurora Armor is a great style of chest-piece to wear with the kilt. It’s relatively long, yet still sexy, and will flatter any race/gender. There are other styles like this one in other colors, such as the blue Royal Blouse.

These next (and last ^_^) 2 outfits use the Gold Filigreed Doublet underneath the different chest-pieces. This shirt is bought in Dalaran, along with other colors and styles – but, they are kind of expensive >.<

This last outfit has a very rustic feel to it, and that shirt surprised me on how well it flows with the Twill Vest. I equipped the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat for more of that “Old-West” feel. This same style and color of hat can be found in several others, like the Crochet Hat.

Wait, I lied…I have one more outfit ^_^ A reader suggested that I make an outfit using the Grayson’s Torch as an off-hand. It’s one of my favorite off-hand frills too, and I’ve used it in several other outfits found around this site. This torch is a great source of light, as are lanterns, so, I added it to one of Kirina’s kilt outfits that didn’t make the initial cut into this article. However, it is a great decent combination, and further enhanced by the light of the torch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of Kirina’s favorite Simple Kilt outfit. Trust me, there will be more to come that I’ll scatter around the site ^_^

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