Kamalia’s Filigreed Outfits

I’m very fond of the Filigreed Shirt/Doublet sold in Dalaran, in all of its colors. I’ve had the following outfits put together for awhile, but hadn’t gotten around to posting them until Malyndia’s blue/silver-white outfit using the Cerulean version reminded me that I had them.

Pretty basic. I wish there was a blue version of the Captain Sanders Sash/Councillor’s Sash/High Councillor’s Sash, because a belt in that sort of style would give this outfit a little more pizzazz.

I think this combo would look AMAZING with the Mantle of Autumn dropped by Laj in the Botanica…if only it weren’t so hard to get! ^_^ /Sigh…someday….

Hanuma’sThat Lovely Dress” post shows that I’m not the only person to have thought of this combination. ^_^. It is a very lovely combination.

Some more Lovely Dress+Filigreed Doublet combinations to consider– nothing too terribly exciting here, but “Theme and Variations” is an artistic game I find absolutely irresistible….

Another choice for the same type of belt is the Apothecary’s Waistband (Horde quest reward).

The idea for this next combo also comes from the tres chic Hanuma, as does this next idea, which she suggested in her “That Lovely Dress” post with the query “tell me how it turns out, will you?”:

Looks pretty good! ^_^
I originally tried this with the Captain Sanders Sash, and that looked very nice, but then I remembered that I’d saved the Scorching Sash quest reward I got while working on my Loremaster, and thought that its filigreed look matched the sleeves of the shirt perfectly, and would be a nice finishing touch to this outfit.

Both of these outfits would also look stunning with the shirts switched — red shirt with black dress or black shirt with red dress.

Being Level 80, bored to tears of dailies, a seasoned raider, diligently Seeking for her Loremaster….the rigors and the cold of Northrend have finally gotten to Kamalia and she’s gone gray (something I’d been idly thinking of doing with her for many moons now). But, I think her new skin color looks great with these next few outfits ^_^

I tried it without the belt, but I thought it needed a little something more. I remembered I had this nice silvery belt in the bank, and voila! Prefect match.

I chose the blue dress to go with the amber shirt because of the blue in the shirt cuffs. I took the Stargazer Cloak as the reward for its quest because the other item wasn’t an upgrade for Ketura in PvE and this one was the cooler choice for RP. I added it to the mix because I felt like the blue cloak would be too boring — this one makes the whole outfit brighter and bolder, and more eye-catching.

I’ve always been fond of the purple + gold combination. A purple cloak would go very nicely with this, as would some kind of golden hat, but Kerisa didn’t have any of those sorts of things already on hand in her bank and I didn’t feel, at the hour of the night I was putting this together, like going out to search for any. ^.^

While the Rich Purple Silk Shirt is not itself a Filigreed Shirt/Doublet, I feel like the detailing on its cuffs makes it the forerunner of those shirts — and it is certainly the closest “fancy shirt” match for the dress.

Being fond of the Horde in general and the Blood Elves as my second-favorite race (after Tauren and before Trolls), the Scarlet Filigreed Shirt/Doublet has always seemed like a very Silvermoon City sort of item to me. Perhaps if you are Alliance, those colors make you think of Ironforge and the Dwarven racial emblem? *shrug* Anyhow, here’s what I came up with for that casual, “because I would rather be a Blood Elf” look:

The Scarlet Filigreed Shirt will look great with this outfit as well for those warmer days around Silvermoon City. You could also use the Crimson Silk Pantaloons, and, if you can wear mail, you could use the red and gold Burnished Girdle — but neither of those options looks quite as nice as this combination because the reds don’t quite match as well.

Blood Elves have the opportunity to become acquainted with the Cerulean Filigreed Shirt/Doublet very early, as Halis Dawnstrider in Fairbreeze Village, who sells the fireworks you need for the quest “The Party Never Ends”, is wearing one. His pants and boots are the Bonechewer Ripleggings and Bonechewer Shredboots from the Outlands. The Embroidered Pants are similar in color, though, and were, in fact, what I thought he was wearing until I looked a little closer.

The Twilight Belt isn’t a great match for the blues and golds in the shirt, but it was a little better, I thought, than the “default belt” built into the robe itself.

That’s all the filigreed outfits for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed them!

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