The Bank Alt

While a lot of people could care less about RP clothing for their main character(s), almost everyone has a bank alt…and almost everyone wants to dress their bank alt. Whether they go for a stylish look, or something simple, at the end of the day they have dabbled into WoW fashion (Ha! we got you! ^_^). Bank alt outfits are by far the most sought after ensembles in-game – everyone wants to have something unique for their alt; and the possibilities are endless.

Fineas G. Bankworthy is probably the epitome of what a great deal of players would like their bank alt to look like, but without being able to equip a Top Hat and a Monocle simultaneously in-game…as well as having that very unique tuxedo…, it is near impossible to obtain this epic look for our alts. However, there are a plethora of different items to create your very own unique look. I have put together several outfits for this collection that will hopefully give you ideas for creating your own great bank alt ensemble.

Please note that while some of these outfits can be worn by level 1 characters, I have included armor items that require up to level 20. A couple of hours questing can bring any new character to this higher level (might as well learn to ride ^_^), and you will probably get great low-level quest rewards that may inspire an outfit for your bank alt. These articles are also beneficial for those to style their level 19 twink who is also used a bank alt.

Bank Alt Fashion Categories

Below is a list of links to other sites that have great bank alt articles for your consideration:

If you have a great bank alt article, or just want to show off your favorite bank outfit, please do not hesitate to share it with us on the forum, or contact me directly to add the link to this list! ^_^

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