Horde-Proud Bank Alt

Don’t think you’ll ever move your bank alt from that Horde city that was nearest for it to run to after being created as a character? Why not proudly represent the city’s emblem on your character with an outfit based around the Horde Doublets and Tabards.

When equipped with a robe, tabards create a unique looking chest-piece, as the bottom flaps of the tabard are not able to be shown on your character. Instead of using city faction tabards, create a one-of-a-kind look with a bank alt guild tabard.

Orgrimmar Bank Alt:

I really love how the War-Torn pieces look with the Orgrimmar Doublet. Burnt Leather armor pieces are a good alternative to those who can not equip mail.

Put that rugged, yet fashionable Frayed Robe to some good use – and, you’ll have an outfit in no time with the robe’s very common drop rate.

I used the Knitted Belt to flow more into the brown of the robe, but the War-Torn Girdle is a great alternative to use.

Undercity Bank Alts:

I know, I know…every time I show an outfit with the Undercity Doublet, the other pieces of the ensemble are usually the Tattered Cloth armor pieces. I can not help it; they match beautifully with each other. The Tattered Cloth Boots create a torn hem at the bottom of the Tuxedo Pants, and, I find longer pants like this look better than the set’s shorter Tattered Cloth Pants.

Much like the Stormwind Tabard + Simple Dress outfit in the Alliance-Proud Bank Alt article, the Simple Dress looks great with other tabards, such as the Undercity Tabard. The Tattered Cloth Belt, the Undercity Doublet, and the Dress Shoes bring out the black in the tabard; and, adding dying roses to an Undead outfit can never be out of place ^_^ .

Other robes that will look great with this city’s tabard is the Alliance’s Recruit’s Robe and the Journeyman’s Robe

Thunder Bluff Bank Alts:

I aimed to bring out the darker tones of the Thunder Bluff Doublet with the other leather pieces of this outfit. Other alternative pieces of armor to consider can be the Ceremonial Leather Belt, the Handstitched Leather Pants, or the Handstitched Leather Boots.

This outfit uses the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday armor, the Pilgrim’s Robe. Because of the “built in” primal armbands of the robe, the vendor-bought Wise Man’s Belt matches wonderfully. Other robes to consider are the Novice’s Robe and the Primal Robe.

Sen’Jin Bank Alts:

I have always loved the way the Ceremonial Leather set looks on the Troll race, and, I think that it fits their “personality” to a T. If the Ceremonial Leather Loincloth is too…primitive…for your character, the Thug Pants work just fine.

The Tarnished Crown is a reward from the level 85 Zul’Gurub entrance quest, A Shiny Reward, and is one of the three non BOP items that can be sent to an alt. It makes a great and different helm for a low level character.

Unfortunately, I found that the Alliance’s Novice’s Robe matched both in color and style of the Darkspear Tabard. Another robe that I considered was the Neophyte’s Robe. The Gem Studded Bracelets were one of the other quest rewards from A Shiny Reward, and, incidentally, the Tarnished Crown would go great with this outfit, too.

Silvermoon City Bank Alts:

This outfit reminds me of a uniform for a Silvermoon Guard-in-training. The Blood Elf Bandit Mask requires a level 5 to wear, but, that takes about 10 minutes to level up to.

The Sunstrider Axe was a quest reward from a entry level quest in Eversong Woods. The other weapon choices were also very “Blood Elf looking”, and would make great substitutes for the axe. The Large Shield is purchased from Faraden Thelryn in Eversong Woods, who also sells the Light Guard – a slightly fancier shield model.

Much like for the Ironforge Tabard, I find that the Simple Robe looks the best with the Silvermoon City Tabard. The Unadorned Chain Belt brings out the red and the gold tones of both the tabard and the dress.

Bilgewater Cartel Bank Alts:
The Goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel do not have a souvenir shirt of their own, but their faction tabard makes great and unique outfits to compensate for it.

I found that you could go two different ways for the look of the outfit with the colors of the Bilgewater Cartel Tabard. This outfit plays with the darker colors of the tabard, the lighter orange and rust colors only highlighted by the Trapper’s Boots. Likewise, you could focus on the orange colors, using the Orange Mageweave Shirt, the Recovered Knit Belt, and the Recovered Knit Bracers; the darker aspects of the tabard are then accented with such boots like the Thug Boots.

The Novice’s Robe really blends in with the orange/brown tones of the tabard. The Tattered Cloth Belt, like in the outfit before this, pops out the dark colors of the bomb image.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight for dressing your bank alt using the different Horde shirts and tabards. If you desire a different style for your alt, please check out the other bank alt outfit articles for more ideas!

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