Alliance-Proud Bank Alt

Don’t think you’ll ever move your bank alt from that Alliance city that was nearest for it to run to after being created as a character? Why not proudly represent the city’s emblem on your character with an outfit based around the Alliance Doublets and Tabards.

When equipped with a robe, tabards create a unique looking chest-piece, as the bottom flaps of the tabard are not able to be shown on your character. Instead of using city faction tabards, create a one-of-a-kind look with a bank alt guild tabard.

Stormwind City Bank Alts:

The Stormbringer Belt may be the hardest piece of this outfit to come by, and it requires the highest level (15) to wear. However, I feel that it flows great – in style and color – with the Stormwind Doublet, and pops that accent out more so from the muted blue colors of the Knitted armor pieces and the common boots.

When equipped with a robe, tabards create a unique looking chest-piece, as the bottom flaps of the tabard are not able to be shown on your character. Instead of using city faction tabards, create a one-of-a-kind look with a bank alt guild tabard.

The Stormwind Tabard hides the belt accent on the robe, creating a cute ruffle under the city’s emblem.

City of Ironforge Bank Alts:

The Draenei’s Recruit’s Pants has the golden bands around the leg hems They may show depending on your character’s height and how they wear the Burnt Leather Boots (or any other footwear), but I find that they match with the gold in this outfit anyway. Instead of using just the bracers, the Burnt Leather Gloves are a nice touch to this outfit, as well.

I’ve always loved the style of the Simple Robe (or Kirina’s identical Civinad Robes…which is no longer in-game). I find that it is a perfect match to the red and gold tones of both the Ironforge Doublet and Tabard. The Burnt Leather Belt can be left out with no loss of style to this outfit.

Gnomeregan (suburb of Ironforge ^_^) Bank Alts:

The Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles fit perfectly with the tinkering personality of the Gnomes, and, they do not require any engineering skill to wear! The Darkweave Breeches is that one item that makes the outfit have a slightly higher level requirement; however, I feel that the purple color of these pants match better with the Gnomeregan Doublet than others, such as the Squire’s Pants.

The Purple Brewfest Hat is another fun helm that does not verge too far away from Ironforge/Gnomeregan personality.

The Darkmoon Robe requires a level 10 to both wear the robe, and accept the quest from the Rogues Deck (incidentally, the other armor rewards could make for nice outfits, too). If you still have the Violet Robes saved on any of your characters, it makes a great sleeveless option to the Darkmoon Robe…but it is no longer obtainable in game if you do not already have it.

Darnassus City Bank Alts:

The Gem Studded Bracelets is one of the non BOP rewards from A Shiny Reward – which requires a level of 85 to complete, as well as being geared for Zul’Gurub. Another reward from this quest is the Tarnished Crown, which would look great with this outfit, too!

While I do not usually include quest rewards in my articles, but I find the Sedgeweed Britches match beautifully with the Darnassus Doublet, and creates a more masculine outfit than using the Lovely Purple Dress. The britches are a quest reward from a low level Teldrassil quest, Iverron’s Antidote, which could be completed as you migrate your bank alt to Darnassus.

Another Darnassus outfit using that city’s tabard can be:

Equipping the Darnassus Tabard over the Sedgeweed Britches ensemble makes a fine alternative, as well.

The Exodar Bank Alts:

The Barbaric Cloth Boots can make a great accent if you desire footwear in this outfit (I thought it looked fine without any).

The Darkmoon Robe matches well with the Exodar Tabard, too…but, I thought this outfit required something a bit different…seeing how I have used that robe several times already in this article ^_^ . The Mystic’s Robe brings a sort of rugged, earthy feel to the outfit, and, other pieces, such as the Mystic’s Gloves and the Barbaric Cloth Boots make great accents to the look.

Gilnean Bank Alts:
The City of Gilneas does not have a “faction shirt” of its own, but, it does have a tabard: the Gilneas Tabard.

I included the Lord Walden’s Top Hat in this outfit because, well, it’s a top hat ^_^. And, until the High Society Top Hat is available to players, it’s the only one we’ve got…and it’s available only for Worgens. I believe you can keep this hat if you level a Worgen to get the quest, then faction/race change, so, that’s always a possibility if you absolutely want a top hat for your character right now.

I also find that the Golden Filigreed Doublet looks great with this outfit, as well.

While the previous Gilneas outfit played more to the golden tones of the tabard, this outfit focuses more on the darker blues and black shades while accenting the gold in the tabard with the trim on the Black Swashbuckler Shirt and the buttons on the Knitted Gloves. If desired, you can equip the Tuxedo Pants underneath the Lovely Black Dress to create an all black skirt.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight for dressing your bank alt using the different Alliance shirts and tabards. If you desire a different style for your alt, please check out the other bank alt outfit articles for more ideas!

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