Fancy Bank Alts

Tuxedo-clad characters are probably the most popular look for bank alts. A few accessories can turn a very common outfit into an unique look for your character. Here are a few examples that I came up with for my own and Waddell’s bank alts; hopefully, they will give you some ideas for your own bank alt style.

The tuxedo set and the Dress Shoes are crafted by tailors, and while the Gilnean Recruit’s Belt really ties in the whole look, it can be omitted if it is not easily obtainable for your character. The other pieces in this outfit are obtained through fishing daily rewards: theAntique Silver Cufflinks are from the Outlands fishing daily reward, Bag of Fishing Treasures, and the Diamond Tipped Cane and Battered Jungle Hat are from the Northrend equivalent, Bag of Fishing Treasures.

A fancy dress version of the above outfit uses the Lovely Black Dress:

Any of the other colored Lovely Dresses, or the Dinner Suits, make great alternatives to the classic black and white formality. For example:

Do not forget about the Noble’s Monocle! This is also a reward from the Bag of Fishing Treasures, and makes for a distinguished accent to any bank alt outfit.
The one thing I do not like about the Dinner Suits is that you can not equip belts over it, and, I feel as though seeing the Gilnean Recruit’s Belt over the chest-piece would tie in the black accessories more so.

Speaking of Gilnean armor, the Gilnean Acolyte’s Robe that Worgen warlocks start out with makes a classy robe alternative to the Lovely Dresses, and look great with a Tuxedo Shirt on underneath them:

Or try the lovely burgundy version of this robe:

These outfits are reminiscent of what Kristin Cazarez is wearing…though her dress is more like Fineas G. Bankworthy’s tuxedo.

The Red Wine Glass is another fancy off-hand alternative to consider for fancy bank alts.

Other crafted robes that can be dressed up for fancy bank alt wear are the crafted Simple Black Dress and the White Woolen Dress:

With toned down accessories, these dresses could also fall under the “Simple Bank Alt” outfits.

Also, don’t forget the crafted Haliscan Set. A nice outfit together, used separately the Haliscan Pantaloons make a great fancy alternative to the Tuxedo Pants, and the Haliscan Jacket looks just fine with simpler armor items, like the Simple Kilt.

Any bank alt, but especially a formally posh one, will definitely benefit from some added bling. There are two rings in game that have an effect that other players will see if one can comfortably afford them for alts. The Noble’s Elementium Signet will give your hand a periodic sparkle. The newly added Black Diamond Ring, sold by Haris Pilton, shows the same effect as the Black Ice ring obtainable for level 85 characters who are able to do Zul’Gurub heroic instance.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight to formally dressing your bank alt. If you desire a different style for your alt, please check out the other bank alt outfit articles for more ideas!

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