Simple Bank Alts

Is your bank alt more of a pack mule for your main character than a sophisticated auction house aficionado? These simple looks may be just what your character needs to play the part!

Some of the outfits can be easily dressed up to be “fancy”, or could already be considered as such without adding any more glam. So, I guess this article also includes other common robes to consider for your alt along with the “simply ragged” outfits.

One of Kirina’s bank alts when she was on Lightninghoof was “Echon”…which was actually a character my brother started on my account, and never leveled past 5. In a sort of sibling hazing, I dressed Echon in tattered, mix-matched clothing and used him to hold all of Kirina’s junk she saved other than outfit items.

The Well-Watcher Gloves are actually an Eversong Woods quest reward, and is a good example of how to incorporate those unique, low level quest rewards into a bank alt outfit.

Another outfit I had Echon running around in, besides a full Brewfest outfit, was sort of as follows:

The Broken Wine Bottle is fished from the “pond” around The Sludge Fen in the Northern Barrens. After doing various holiday quests, Echon was a high enough level to equip it, as it requires level 7 to equip.

The Broken Wine Bottle is also a unique weapon to equip on your bank alt, and isn’t a style commonly seen on lower level character (the next lowest level item with the same model is the Barman Shanker). It will be a great addition to a “bum” bank alt outfit, perhaps to go along with a dingy wife-beater.

The next couple of outfits are the item listing of various bank NPCs that your < lvl 20 bank alt can enjoy wearing...and confusing bystanders.

This outfit is a match to Goblin bankers, such as Zerit, found in the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar. Luckily, the Foreman Vest is still obtainable since the Shattering, as so many items that dropped from rare mobs in Dun Morogh (/sigh Snowy Robe) have been removed from the game along with the mob.

Goblins have also replaced the original banker NPCs found around Orgrimmar, such as Fibi. Her look is listed below:

A perfect NPC look for a level 1 character!

Much like Orgrimmar, Stormwind has its bank NPCs dressed in matching uniforms that can be worn by low level bank alts. Bankers such as Olivia Burnside (and other Burnside and Westmill family members) wear the outfit found next:

The item with the highest level requirement is the Smoldering Boots (level 18). While they are a perfect match to the NPC’s boots, the Footpad’s Shoes are a good, lower level alternative.

The Crester’s and Wainwright’s in the Stormwind City banks wear this ensemble:

There are a couple of other belts still within the level 20 range that are the same style and color as the Spellbinder Belt – the Imbued Disciple’s Sash and the Disciple’s Sash. Again, the boots are the issue with this outfit. The Bog Boots are an extremely low drop from a mob in Teldrassil, but at least they only require up to a level 4 to equip them.

What is a Simple Bank Alt outfit article without mentioning the aptly named Simple Dress?

This outfit is as probably as simple as you can get, and you can always add more accessories, like the Battered Jungle Hat and/or the Knitted Gloves, for a more complete look.

This lovely, yet simple styled robe is a zone drop out of Eversong Woods, though, the much more popular dropped item, the Frayed Robe, is another robe to consider for an everyday robe.

The Farmer’s Broom drops off the Tirisfal Farmhands, and in the same area, the Farmer’s Shovel drops off of Farmer Solliden. Both of these “work” weapons, along with others such as the Pitchfork / Rusted Pitchfork and the Kobold Mining Shovel, make unique accents to any outfit and are sure to turn heads.

I was not sure whether or not to list this outfit under this article, or the Fancy Bank Alt article; this robe could go either way. The Scarlet Filigreed, Amber Filigreed, and the Ebon Filigreed Shirts really complete the look of this robe, if having your character show that much cleavage is an issue with you. A great simple off-hand frill that can accent this outfit is the Red Sparkler.

This is another outfit that can go along with the Fancy Bank Alt ensembles:

To me, the Brown Linen Robe seems a bit plain (which is probably why I eventually decided to throw it in this article), especially if the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt is replaced with a different one, such as the Common White Shirt, and the some of the accessories are removed.

The Purple Turban is one of the hats sold by Chameli Banaphash in Dalaran. I find that it matches the lavender accents in the Dalaran Nurse’s Gown beautifully, and the Rich Purple Silk Shirt fills in the robe while correlating with the gold trimmings.

The Formal Dangui is well worth the wait to get, and could also be dressed up to be a “fancy bank alt” outfit. I find that the Recruit’s Boots match the color of the robe, but, the Knitted Sandals would work well with this outfit, too.

Other great robes to consider are the many different Hanboks sold by clothing vendors, or the Royal Dangui.

Another hat that is purchased from the haberdasher in Dalaran is the Violet Hat, and this outfit would make a cute look for a mage banker left in the city.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight for dressing your bank alt with simple armor items. If you desire a different style for your alt, please check out the other bank alt outfit articles for more ideas! Or, head over to either the Alliance-Only or Horde-Only Level 1 Outfit articles to find even more simple styles for an alt you just ran to the nearest home-town.

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