Horde Only Starter Outfits

While the majority of the classic Horde starter gear remained the same, Cataclysm brought a lot of fresh new looks for low level players. If your characters are strictly “Horde only”, hopefully these outfits while inspire you to try a different look for one of your new characters (or old characters). There are so many different outfit possibilities, even when limited to no level through level 1 armor and without the use of cross-faction auction house.

Love the look of the Mystic Sarong, but, you are not a high enough level to wear it? The new Acolyte’s Robe allows your character to have the look of the Mystic Sarong + the Polychromatic Visionwrap in one convenient, non BOE robe ^_^.

For more Mystic Sarong looks, head on over to my Mystic Sarong Article.

This next robe is one of the other lovely robes added in Cataclysm:

This robe would also look great with the Blue Linen Shirt, or dressed up a bit with the Cerulean Filigreed Doublet. The other two Goblin robes, the Goblin Neophyte’s Robe and the Goblin Acolyte’s Robe, are in the same style with different color schemes; the Goblin Acolyte’s Robe would make a nice, low level look for autumn outfits.

The Dark Silk Shirt nicely fills in the gaps of this robe, creating a unique look; the Ebon Filigreed Doublet would work great, too. The Recruit’s Boots tie in the black from the shirt, however, the Dress Shoes would work just fine, as well.

This next outfit is a great look for low-level Horde rogues:

Like the Worgen’s Gilnean Recruit’s Belt, the Tattered Cloth Belt is very versatile to accessorize many outfits. It matches perfectly with the Thug Vest.

While I feel that this is a nice look for a hunter, the Rusted Chain mail armor pieces can not be worn until level 40, so, I guess it would make a great “off-duty” hunter outfit for a higher level character.

Another great hunter-like outfit:

This outfit could also be a great “Home-Town” ensemble to wear around Thunder Bluff/Mulgore. Taking off the Brawler’s Vest reveals more of the Thunder Bluff Doublet, and, the ruggedness of the other armor pieces compliments the shirt nicely.

The beautiful Burning Crusade styles can look great on other races besides Blood Elves. In this outfit, the Red Linen Shirt blends with the Recruit’s Tunic. The Sun Cured armor pieces offer softer brown touches that echoes the brown in the pants, and provides a lighter feel to the outfit, rather than a heavy all-mail one.

This classic grungy and earthy outfit is the perfect look for a starting Horde shaman or hunter.

A lovely, yet rugged, mix of blue and clay colors would make a great autumn outfit for a level one character.

Another low-level home-town outfit to consider is:

The Tattered Cloth set compliments the Undercity Doublet nicely, but so do the blueish-purple Thug armor items – the perfect outfit for an lowbie Forsaken player to wear in Undercity.

Mixing the Blood Elf hunter’s starter chest-piece and the softer Lookout’s Shoes with the paladin’s Initiate’s Pants relaxes the chain mail feel of the whole Initiate’s outfit while still matching in color. Wearing a shirt under the chest-piece is optional. However, the Warder’s Vest on female characters is much shorter, and, a matching length shirt, such as the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, looks the best when paired with it.

The Rugged Trapper’s Vest is very versatile for both Horde and Alliance characters (it shares the same armor model for both factions) partly because of its neutral brown and green colors – it can be paired with almost any other armor pieces. In the Alliance Starter Outfits, I paired it with softer cloth/leather armor in correlating colors. The Horde’s Rusted Chain armor adds weight to the outfit, while the Dirty Leather accessories accent the ruggedness, and match the green patches, of the vest.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, there are SO many outfit combinations to be had. These outfits are great for high level characters whose banks are filled to brim (like Kirina’s ^_^); just send all the outfit pieces to an alt.

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