Alliance Only Starter Outfits

While the majority of the classic Alliance starter gear remained the same, Cataclysm brought a lot of fresh new looks for low level players. If your characters are strictly “Alliance only”, hopefully these outfits while inspire you to try a different look for one of your new characters (or old characters). There are so many different outfit possibilities, even when limited to no level through level 1 armor, and, without the use of cross-faction auction house.

I really love the style of this robe, and, it looks great on any race. While this is not exactly a starter robe, it can only be purchased from Hakmud of Argus, one of the vendors on the Alliance Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. Pair it up with the Alliance vendor bought Thin Cloth Belt (which also looks like several other low level drop belts) and the Night Elf Neophyte’s Boots for a unique outfit.

Another great level 1 robe is the Night Elf druid Novice’s Robe. Dress it up with some Cracked Leather armor pieces to continue with the robes natural look:

Draenei shamans got a updated starter look in Cataclysm with the addition of the Primal Robe, which makes a lovely dress for your low-level female character:

This robe can be worn without the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, but I feel it really adds to the outfit; it is also a great addition to the outfit for more modest characters.

Another nice Draenei robe is the Recruit’s Robe, worn by Draenei mages:

Again, the shirt can be left out of the outfit, but, I like the modest look when it is included. The Apprentice’s Boots are a part of the new Apprentice set for Night Elf mages. While there are other “sock and sandal” footwear in-game, such as Ringo’s Blizzard Boots and the Shimmering Geta, these are the only ones that I know of in this unique style easily available to players – and not just for level 1’s.

I love robes just as much as the next fashionista, but, the real versatility of the different starter gear comes in the tunic+pants styles.

I found that the Footpad’s Shoes flows better with the red in the Night Elf Recruit’s starter gear. I also think that this is a great and easy look for a beginning Alliance rogue or Hunter.

Worgens introduced some great new armor items to the world of low level fashion. The Gilnean Recruit’s set for Worgen warriors gave low level characters, who can wear mail, a great buckle style belt, the Gilnean Recruit’s Belt. This can be used to create many different outfits similar to what I have put together for Kirina using the Ruffian Belt.

While this outfit primarily uses the Worgen Recruit set, other pant options can easily be the Black Tuxedo Pants and the Haliscan Pantaloons. Another great shirt to consider for this outfit is the Dark Silk Shirt.

I find this ensemble to be great for low-level Alliance warrior or paladin as an “off the clock” outfit. Instead of the Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, try pairing it with the Stormwind Doublet for some home-town appreciation. Please note that on female characters, the Tarnished Chain Vest is more of a mail “bra” rather than a full-length chest-piece; pairing it with other shirts on gals will show the rest of the shirt underneath the vest, and may not flow as good as the Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt.

These next two outfits would be other great outfits for an Alliance rogue if we could only equip mail armor (I wish the Gilnean Recruit’s Belt were a cloth armor item).

I love the vest armor that the Worgen classes introduced. They are versatile for many different outfits and compliment even higher level armor well. The Gilnean Novice’s Tunic and the Gilnean Trapper’s Tunic, a brown/gold colored version and an orange/gold version, respectively, of this vest, are also available. Both of which looks great with the Golden Filigreed Doublet worn underneath.

The Human Paladin’s Squire’s Shirt is now the Squire’s Vest post-Shattering. However, the shirt form can still be bought from Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad Foothills.

This outfit is perfect for off-duty hunters, low and high level. Pairing their own Rugged Trapper’s Vest with the matching Night Elf druid’s Novice’s Pantss and the Thin Cloth Belt provides a simple, clean, style that isn’t so patchy.

Another great outfit using the Rugged Trapper’s Vest is seen next:

This outfit plays on the ruggedness of the vest, but with the complimentary dark green Neophyte’s Pants. The Neophyte’s Boots also make a great addition to the outfit, as they tie in the brown/green combination of the vest. The Cracked Leather Armor pieces accent the outfit nicely.

The Draenei starter vests are very eye-catching, especially on female characters. However, just like the Tarnished Chain Vestmentioned before, on female characters, they are shorter halter-tops; this limits the shirts that can be worn underneath them, if they are desired. In the outfit above, I find the Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt compliments the Squire’s Vest well, and, on gals, it would be short along with the vest.

For a more vibrant outfit, the golden yellow Recruit’s Pants are a great match:

…I would changed the boots, though. They worked in the previous outfit because they flowed from the rust-colored Acolyte’s Pants, but, they are too daunting for the Recruit’s Pants. Some nice sandals would probably be better suited, but then we are verging from being a “level 1 only” outfit ^_*.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, there are SO many outfit combinations to be had. These outfits are great for high level characters whose banks are filled to brim (like Kirina’s ^_^); just send all the outfit pieces to an alt.

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