Holiday Bank Alts

Using holiday armor items are pretty common in bank alt styles, as they are usually easily obtainable for low level characters. Mix and match holiday items for one fun outfit that lasts all year round, or sport a full holiday ensemble on your bank alt during each special event.

Any of the vendor bought items can be achieved on your low level bank alt. Gathering enough different tokens, such as the Coin of Ancestry or the Burning Blossoms, to purchase the different holiday armor may require help from higher level friends when running through most zones. Pilgrim’s Bounty awards its armor items through daily cooking quests. While these quests only require your character to be level one to complete, it does require your character to have certain levels of cooking skills, so, your bank alt will need to have least learned how to make Spice Bread to get the “Don’t Forget the Stuffing!” daily.

Like I had mentioned in my Alliance Only Starter Outfit article, I really love the style of the Draenic Silk Robes. I think it looks great with the Brown Brewfest Hat, and it is something different to wear for that holiday event.

The White Swashbuckler’s Shirt adds a frilly, airy accent to this very summery robe. If you’re daring enough to get the Crown of the Fire Festival on your bank alt, it definitely will be worth showing off while wearing this outfit.

For a silly holiday look, try mixing different holiday items that look absolutely ridiculous together:

This outfit uses items from Brewfest, Pilgrim’s Bounty, and Winter’s Veil…your bank alt can wear it throughout those holiday months and never will be too out of season ^_^ , lol.

I really like the Pilgrim’s Dress for a simple, yet festive bank alt look. Pair this outfit with a common weapon, such as the Farmer’s Broom, for a more homey look.

Or, dress it up to be more flashy!

The Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias are an Alliance-only quest reward from Redridge Mountains. The Red Rose or the Darkmoon Flower will also give a flash of red to this outfit, but aren’t a bouquet…and you can’t get the Bouquet of Red Roses at that low of level.

I believe I used an outfit similar to this next one in my Noble Garden outfits article. I see this look on a lot of different bank alts…it’s silly and eye catching.

Another great use for the Purple Turban is as follows:

Equipping the Lavender Mageweave Shirt under the dress ties in the Purple Turban with the outfit.

But, I am always drawn to the full Brewfest set for a bank alt…probably because it looks silly any other time of the year besides the Brewfest event.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight for dressing your bank alt using different holiday armor items. Check out Kamalia’s great forum post outlining all the holiday clothing – there are endless combinations using any of them! If you desire a different style for your alt, please check out the other bank alt outfit articles for more ideas!

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