So You Want to be a Pirate…

The urge to swash and buckle is not lightly ignored. Here are some of my pirate costume ideas.

For a quick, easy fix you can always eat Savory Deviate Delight, which, as Kirina already discussed, can be replicated with the Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Captain Sanders’ Sash, X-52 Pilots Leggings, and Buccaneer’s Boots.

If you want to put in more time and work — and destroy and then have to rebuild your Steamwheedle Cartel reputation — you can go for the Buccaneer’s Uniform. For all the effort it takes to earn the genuine Bloodsail Uniform, it is actually fairly easily replicated with the Buccaneer’s Vest / White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Knitted Pants, and Buccaneer’s Boots.

On Pirate’s Day, Dread Captain Demeza and her Dread Crew come to town:

    By speaking to Demeza, or to any of the pirate-costumed commoners in capital cities, you receive the Corsair Costume.

The closest matches I found for Captain Demeza’s clothes are the Shadow Council Tunic and Shadow Council Pants, green drops off mobs in the highest level zones of Outland, along with the Silver-Thread Sash and Buccaneer’s Boots . A rapier and the Disciple’s Stein complete the set.

The Corsair Costume can be replicated with the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Buccaneer’s Cord, Buccaneer’s Pants / Crimson Silk Pantaloons, and Buccaneer’s Boots (unless you are a Tauren):

Ketura is too low level to wear even the tailored Admiral’s Hat (which requires level 43), so she’ll be wearing either the Silk Headband or Battered Jungle Hat, which I thought were the most piratey options available for her level. Her companion is the Senegal Parrot, which is a smaller version of First Mate Hapana’s pet.

Or you could choose to be part of Demeza’s Dread Crew with an outfit of Deckhand’s Shirt / Captain Sanders’ Shirt, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Seafarer’s Pantaloons, Knitted Sandals, with a Cutlass and Ritual Stein. The men are also wearing Canvas Bracers. The Seafarer’s Pantaloons drop from a level 22 rare mob in Loch Modan, the Large Loch Crocolisk. If you can’t find them, some decent substitutes might be Twill Pants, Brightcloth Pants, Gossamer Pants, or Guard’s Leggings (Horde quest reward).

    One of Demeza’s Dread Crew members pictured here with Kamalia in the Corsair Costume.

There must have been a run on Black Swashbuckler’s Shirts on my server’s auction house this weekend, because I couldn’t find one for Ketura to wear (and Kaelinda can’t make it yet), so I couldn’t replicate the Yarrrr! costume. These are some ideas I came up with for other piratey sorts of duds:

This one is Oriental-inspired:

But there is one item my piratey dreams will have to do without:

Hope you enjoyed my outfits!


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