Use the Force…

A couple of days ago, a reader posted their Star Trek Vulcan outfit on the forums (check it out!). I was inspired. That night, I whipped together my Star Wars equivalent (I have to keep things balanced here ^_^): Kirina’s Jedi outfit!

Ah…another use for my cherished Durable Robe (my alchemist outfit, and the one search on the auction house that started my buying addiction ((I’m broke! T-T)) ). Anyway, it’s as close to Obi-Wan Kenobi as I could get with what armor I had. I think it looks…respectable. However, the whole “head-wrap, space, rest of body” always gets on my nerves. Hood-helms like these should have a model change; they need to actually flow and fold onto the shoulders. I want my hooded cloaks! It would look so much better for this outfit. Sadly, however, the Twill Cover is going to have to do until then. My further researching shows that it is the only one that somewhat matches the color of the darker brown “jacket” of the robe (even more so from behind). Other hoods were either too dark or too light.

“Whatever, Kirina, that’s…great…about you’re helm problems. But what about this glowing sword?!”

The Argent Avenger is a final quest reward from the Argent Dawn after completing a whole quest line for them (you get to open up this chest). Sadly (for those have completed the quest and took something else), it’s probably the easiest of swords like it to come by. There is another blue “lightsaber” that drops out of The Slave Pens, the Spellfire Longsword. There are also red equivalents that are much rarer: Teebu’s Blazing Longsword and the Blade of Wizardry.

    The force will be with you, always…

~~Revision (Addition? ^_^)~~ Maira had some great suggestions for those characters who can equip 2-handed swords (I didn’t even consider those because of Kirina’s 1-handedness…sorry ^_^) The Training Sword and the Practice Sword look close to a real lightsaber when enchanted with those like Demonslaying, Icy Chill, Fiery Weapon, and Impact enchants. Thanks again for that info, Maira! ^_^

Please feel free to comment on how I could change/enhance (“There’s a different helm”, “It would be more authentic if you 86’d the robe and used leggings”, “You lied, there are more swords”…) this outfit. But, I hope it is enjoyed anyway. Oh, and while you’re checking out the forum – post your own outfit pictures, suggest an outfit theme, or whatever else! There are also some great examples of shaman/druid/and mage outfits to check out as well ^_^

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