The Alchemist

When Kirina became an elixir master, and a few guildies started to use her services as their personal alchemist, I thought it was high time she had an outfit to play the part. However, it was a long road to get there. The outfit in my mind was of black pants, black gloves, and some sort of long-ish, white tunic that would closely resemble the traditional white lab coat with the right shirt worn underneath it. I could never find it…and, what’s worse, is that I’ve seen this type of chest piece before on NPC’s, but, apparently, it will never be obtainable for players. And, talk about frustrating…at that time, there weren’t any chemical vial-like off-hands that Kirina could get – as they were rewards from quests she had already completed, or were from an Alliance quest (Tear of Grief). It wasn’t until Wrath of the Lich King hit the realms that I could buy her the Tears of Heaven off-hand with left over Badge of Justices

But, my outfit for her still wasn’t satisfactory. The only items I had were the off-hand frill and a pair of Ruby Shades for look-alike safety goggles; Kirina wore these along with her usual armor.

I finally switched my searching to robes…seeing what I could find there, and, I was elated to come across the Archmage Robe (who has a “twin” piece – the Durable Robe). Level 80 by then, I farmed the Ravenous Flayer Matriarch for hours each day…hoping to get lucky with the Archmage Robe’s nearly 0% drop rate. My fiance, Waddell, suggested I give up farming for it and just look on the auction house for either robe. Being too proud (I’ve always went out searching for the item(s) I’ve wanted – felt more like an accomplishment that way), I was reluctant at fist to look it up. But, I’m glad I did. I got my Durable Robe (and then some ^_^ ) the next day. The search for my alchemist outfit was over; however, my auction house shopping addiction had just begun, LoL.

In any case…here’s what I’ve been blabbing about:

I choose the Durable Robe because of the long jacket-like layer that could almost resemble a sort of lab coat worn over a longer robe. What really sold me was the color of the jacket – it closely resembles the tan lab coat I wear in real life ^_^. I added the Apothecary Gloves after I got them as a quest reward; (al)chemists wear gloves when working with chemicals, and these are form-fitted on the hands. The gloves are also pertinently named, as is the High Apothecary Cloak (another quest reward), should anyone inspect the outfit.

Below is a variation of this outfit:

Instead of the Ruby Shades, I used a Shadowmoon Valley quest item as another goggle-like helm-piece for non-engineered skilled players to use. The Spectrecles don’t disappear after you finish the quest chain, and can be equipped anywhere. The purple glow from them echo the purple material of the cloak ^_^ .

I hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit. It was a long time in the making, but, I think by it having a story makes it a bit more personalized for Kirina, and…I guess…worth it…to wear, LoL.

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