White Wedding

He loving took you under his wing and helped you level through the treacherous World of Warcraft…you offered him unconditional friendship and compassionate /Massages after long raids…he bought all the materials…you made him any potion/elixir/special food he wanted….whatever the in-game love story was (is), it brought you two here: when he knelt before you with a Flawless Diamond Solitaire.

In honor of my own real-life engagement and recent marriage to Waddell, I’ve decided to release a wedding article ^_^ Ironically, my in-game love story with Waddell isn’t too far off from our real-life one. But, this is a WoW RP clothes site, and not my secret diary, LoL…so, without further ado: A White Wedding!

I divided the wedding outfits into different themes, listed below, and included some of the locations I feel best suits them. There are endless possibilities/combinations to be had; I just categorized what I already had on Kirina and other characters. This article by Miss Hanuma shows some more outfit ideas to consider for your in-game wedding, as well.

Also, don’t forget to have a couple of Gold Wedding Bands to exchange. ^_^

Wedding Themes and Outfit Ideas
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  • A Traditional Wedding
  • Old-World Charm
  • Black and White Elegance
  • A Simple Kind of Wedding
  • Island Love
  • For the Horde!
  • Free-Spirited Love Birds

One of Kirina’s Closet’s readers had a beautiful in-game wedding. Check it out ~ Forum Post | Wedding Video


Check out My Own White Wedding

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