Old-World Charm

This wedding section gets its name from how the bride’s dress for this theme reminds me of medieval Europe (I don’t know why).

    The romantic bride and groom.

The Gossamer Robe is one of my favorite robes for Kirina, and, as a wedding dress, it is really unique.

I attempted to keep the white and gold theme going for the groom:

I feel the Aurora Pants look better on male characters in that the boots worn by them usually match up better to the cuffs of the pants more-so than on female characters. I used the Simple Linen Boots for their availability, but also to match up with the gold cuff on the pants as if it were another gold accent to the boot.

The Glimmering Mail Girdle was all I had to work with on Waddell for a gold-ish belt. For me, it could be a little more bronze to match the boots; however, the gold of the belt does correlate well with Kirina’s Gossamer Robe.

If only the Formal White Shirt appears a little too plain for the groom’s taste, adding more armor pieces from the Glimmering Mail set (which brings in more red accents), or any other gold mail/plate set (like the Sunscale Plate set), will allow the groom’s outfit to have even more of that “knight in shining armor” feel to it to match this theme better.

For matching bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, here is a set to consider:

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

While I tried to stay in the lower level range with all of these outfits, I could not help to want to include the Soothsayer’s Kilt; it’s one of the few other robes/kilts that share the same style as the Gossamer Robe.

The Soothsayer’s Kilt is reward from a quest line out in Shadowmoon Valley that is obtainable by both the Horde and the Alliance. I paired it with the Aurora Armor for the tops gold embellishments and simple design.

The groomsman’s outfit is very simple:

Should the groom’s outfit include more gold heavy armor pieces, the groomsman’s outfit could be bumped up a notch to what the groom in this section is currently wearing. Because I (unfortunately) made the groom’s outfit a little less “fussy”, the groomsman’s outfit gets knocked down accordingly to not out shine his friend’s day.

Old-World Wedding Locations

Again, some of the traditional wedding locations will be the perfect setting for this wedding theme.

    Outside the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City (go around to the back of the cathedral outside for a lovely rose garden complete with a gazebo and fountain! ^_^)
    Inside the Cathedral of Light

Another great location is the Cathedral in Scarlet Monastery – where the outfit pictures for this section were taken by. Although risky for some players to get to, it makes a lovely setting for any wedding once all the mobs are killed (and out of screenshot range ^_^).

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