A Traditional Wedding

This is the traditional, white wedding, and reflects more toward what would be typically considered in real-life (in my opinion).

    The lovely bride and groom together.

The bride’s dress in this type of wedding is usually “the big deal”. The World of Warcraft has a beautiful dress already prepared: The White Wedding Dress. It fits all races with all skin types, so, you really can not go wrong with your character wearing it!

I love the Spring Flowers for its more fullness of flowers compared to other bouquets in-game. Before the Noblegarden event was added in 2009, which is wear this bouquet is from, the main “formal” bouquets were the Bouquet of White Roses and the Bouquet of Red Roses, the latter no longer available for players to get. While both are very pretty substitutes to consider, they only have a couple of flowers to hold.

Remember back in my Dating Outfits article when I said “Waddell wasn’t getting married, yet?”…Well, now he is! Adding The White Tuxedo Shirt (or its identical tailored equivalent: Tuxedo Shirt) makes the otherwise black suit instantly formal and ready to have the knot of never-ending love tied (not the knot of a rope…that would be both tragic and stereotypical at the same time ^_^). I used to have a pair of the Antique Silver Cufflinks, which would had more flair to the groom’s attire, but, I do not know what happened to them…they were hard to get in the first place, too! T-T

If you want some of your friends to be apart of your in-game wedding, they can dress the part, as well!

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

The bridesmaid dress for this wedding category is very open (as is the actual wedding dress…I guess ^_^).

    The bridesmaid in her:

  • Elegant Dress
  • A small bouquet of flowers can also be added.
“Always a bridesmaid….never a bride!” /Cry

I used the Elegant Dress in this section because it matches the style of the bride’s dress, but is in a peachy color that makes it less like a wedding gown (I actually had a bridesmaid dress like this….). Any other pretty dress will work just fine for a bridesmaid dress (but not as pretty as the bride’s dress ^.^); some other robes I considered for this outfit where the Dalaran Nurse’s Gown/Robe of Apprentinship and the Acolyte’s Robe.

The groomsman’s attire can be satisfied just be taking the Tuxedo Jacket off of the original groom’s outfit.

This outfit is still formal without the jacket, yet not too formal to take away from the groom. In that same Dating Outfits article, there are some other “groomsman” like outfits to consider – especially ones that use the Haliscan Pantaloons as an alternate “fancy pants”.

There are many other “traditional” wedding outfits to consider – making this the largest out of all the sections.

    The bride and groom.

If the bride would like a more unique dress from the White Wedding Dress, one can not go wrong with the beautiful Aurora Robe – although, they might be waiting for this robe to pop up on the auction house and/or waiting to get it from a random world mob.

For the groom’s outfit, the Formal White Shirt matches perfectly to the style of the robe.

Steadfast Girdle to Waddell’s outfit to resemble the detailing around the waist of the robe. While this is completely optional, I feel it does add more formality to the groom’s outfit.

The bridesmaid and groomsman can also share the same style as there friends.

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

There are a handful of shirts and and robes that match in the style of the Aurora Robe – the shirts more easy to come by than the robes.

The Beastwalker Robe drops off a rare mob, Nefaru, out in Duskwood. It was not hard for me to farm for, and the spawn rate is relatively quick (well, 5-8 hours…I guess that is “quick” compared to others).

The groomsmen have it a little easier, as their matching outfit to the Aurora Robe style, and Beastwalker Robe style and color, is a shirt. Paired up with the Black Tuxedo Pants keeps the shirt “wedding formal,” but still allows the groom to steal the show.

One more traditional and formal wedding dress to consider, and then it will be time for you to pick another section ^_^ : The Mooncloth Robe.

This backless robe is not unlike real-life wedding dress styles, and perfect for any location – from church to beach (i.e. my post picture for this article).

Remember, there are plenty of pretty robes to be had, especially more for bridesmaids. It all depends on what you want! ^_^

Traditional Wedding Locations

Places like Dalaran City, Silvermoon City, Stormwind City (“Cathedral Square”, especially behind it with the new rose garden and fountain), offer plenty of fountains and beautiful rooms to get married by/in. Most of my pictures for this section were taken in Dalaran City.

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