Black and White Elegance

Some wedding styles are done only in black and white – the ultimate contrasting colors reflecting: the couples different, yet complimentary personalities, and/or just for the love of the 2 colors simplicity and elegance when paired together.

This article gives a couple of examples of how to get this wedding theme in-game.

    The eclectic bride and groom together.

The Runecloth Robe throws in elements of gold into the black and white pairing – perfect for more formal events. I also added the Stylish Black Shirt, which blends the light and dark black colors in the robe perfectly; however, if you like the “open window” look of the robe, this is completely optional. I choose to equip Kirina’s Master’s Hat along with the robe “just for something different”, but also, its colors matches that of the lighter black/charcoal accents of the robe.
The Bouquet of Ebon Roses is easily substituted for its common equivalent: Bouquet of Black Roses.

I choose not to wear the Tuxedo Jacket, or another chest-piece over the shirt due to the fact that it matches how the black colors are layered on the Runecloth Robe. The Glimmering Mail Girdle, or any other gold belt of your choice, matches the gold accents on the robe as well. The groom’s outfit could even wear a Master’s Hat with his outfit, as well; should you find 2 of them, I definitely suggest it if that is a look you like.

There are more less formal black and white outfits that can accompany the bride and groom.

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

The White Woolen Dress is black and white simplicity at its best. If you do not want your character to show that much cleavage, I find the Common Gray Shirt goes well underneath it, as it matches the gray tones of the top part of the dress.

The groomsman’s outfit is the opposite of the groom’s, and when standing next to him, is sure to throw in a clean chess-board like color pattern to play to the black and white theme. The Formal White Shirt is the same style as the Stylish Black Shirt, and pairs nicely with all of these outfits.

But let’s say the bride would like to wear the White Woolen Dress on her big day. No worries, here’s some outfits that I feel compliment it as the wedding dress.

    The bride and groom together.

Again, the Master’s Hat is completly optional, but does add an unique element to the dress.

Because there are no gold accents in this outfit, I used the Astralaan Pants
as a white pant alternative, whose black ribbing on the pant legs correlating to the simple black sash to the bride’s dress. The charcoal color of the Astralaan Belt also matches the gray in the bride’s dress, while romantically, the buckle resembles a heart. ^_^

Lastly, here are some choices for the bridesmaid and groomsman.

    The bridesmaid and groomsman together:

While I think an all black dress at a wedding is…depressing…, it would not be unheard of for this type of wedding theme. The Simple Black Dress matches the style of the White Woolen Dress, and its all black fabric is offset by the white shirt and roses.

Using some of the armor pieces found in the groom’s outfit, the groomsman’s ensemble matches without being more formal than his friend. Having the groomsman’s outfit be more white contrasts with the bridesmaid outfit to accentuate this wedding theme even more.

B&W Elegance Locations

This is open to anywhere that is full of natural light or light sources; this will allow for the light to radiate off the white colors and bring out the black colors even more. Dim halls/dark zones will not allow for a good contrasting pairing, especially if screenshots are to be taken. The pictures in this section were taken in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran – one next to a plain “church-like” wall with candles, the other on the second story that brings in the beautiful blue light of the ceiling, which also plays off the white colors in the outfits.

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