A Simple Kind of Wedding

This theme reflects the “simpler” times in history – the soft and kind farmer’s daughter getting married to the hard-working country lad.

    The content bride and groom.

The Neophyte’s Robe is an especially beautiful wedding dress alternative, especially if your character is not level 30 yet to where the White Wedding Dress. This robe is the starter robe for Human and Dwarf priests, but it can also be bought from Thomas Yance. I added the Cerulean Filigreed Doublet to blend in the blue colors, but one could always leave the dress shoulder-less, or add a white shirt.

Much like how the bride saved to wear her best dress for this special occasion, the groom polishes up in his “Sunday clothes” as well. His nice white shirt is stiffly starched, and he’s wearing his nicest pair of trousers. He cleaned up his boots a bit, but they were the same ones he was wearing out in the fields.

Family and friends can join in this celebration, but, keep there outfits very common and plain to stay with the theme.

    The bridesmaid and the groomsman.

This simple robe is perfect for this wedding style. The bridesmaid could have been wearing this robe while cooking and washing before the wedding, and then cleaned up a bit to go be with her friend later. One could always add a shirt to wear underneath the robe, like, the Gray Woolen Shirt or even the Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt. There are many other plain looking robes to consider as well, most popularly, the Simple Dress.

The Beautiful Wildflowers denote that they are possibly hand-picked, either by the bridesmaid herself, or she sent a younger sibling to pick them.

As with the bridesmaid, I aimed for the groomsman’s outfit to be as though he just walked out of the fields from tending to his crops to be with his friend during this special event (he may have washed his face and hands before going ^_^). This type of style can be obtained with many other common items, and it all depends on your fashion taste.

Simple Wedding Locations

It was rainy, gray day in Westfall when I took the screenshots for this section…but rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky (many crops….fortunes…whatever), and, according to this article, it’s also nice for dramatic wedding pictures; I guess I had a double win in Westfall.

Anyway, farming communities like Westfall (Moonbrook or Sentinel Hill for a town), Elwynn Forest, Hillsbrad Foothills, Arathi Highlands, and the like, play in perfectly with this wedding theme. Try to find an old church in a near-by town, or even have a wedding in a barn on one of the little farms along the way (wouldn’t be unheard of ^_^).

Simple Wedding Gifts

Because this is more of a “farm” themed wedding, try presenting your friends with country/farming related gifts. One gift for the bride and groom could be a small amount of gold (nothing over 50 gold to stay within the theme limit).

Another gift could be a non-combat vanity pet that you know one, or both, lovers do not have; farm-themed pets could include: an Elwynn Lamb, an Ancona Chicken, or a Brown Rabbit. If you know that they do not have a Westfall Chicken, do the Cluck! quest for them until the chicken drops an egg – I believe other players can loot the egg, even though you did all the /chicken-ing.

Try other gifts, such as a new shovel or pitchfork, or any other farming-related weaponry deemed appropriate. And everyone could use a new pair of overalls and a straw hat.

If you are the bride or groom and would like to thank your friends for being a part of your marriage, different types of food and drink items (like a Great Feast with some Honey Mead), or even some otherwise “junk items” (Okra or Hops) will be fine, too.

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