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So, let’s say you do not want to get married in the church or on a farm, but by one of the beautiful coastlines around the World of Warcraft. No worries! Kirina’s Closet has some outfits for this wedding theme to consider, as well.

    The tropical bride and groom together.

The Spring Robes was added in 2009’s new world event, Noblegarden, to be either looted from the Brightly Colored Eggs, or sold by a Noblegarden Vendor/Merchant. While the style of this robe is similar to many other robes around in-game, it is the only one I know of to be relatively white – making it perfect for an island wedding.

You can pair the robe up with your favorite pair of sandals, and a white shirt (if desired).

I probably spruced the groom’s outfit a little too much, LoL. One could always wear an all white outfit with maybe just the Ceremonial Leather Bracers and the Ceremonial Leather Beltfor accents pieces. If your character does not have hoofs, again, your favorite pair of sandals comes to the rescue.

However, if you like this all tribal groom look with the Ceremonial Leather pieces, they are not that hard to farm for (well, for Horde anyway). A couple of runs through Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar, clearing everything, got all the pieces I needed for this outfit. They make for fun other outfits, as well.

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

While there are other robes in this same style, I choose to go with the Troll shaman starter set for its no level requirement and color – it’s not so fancy that it takes away from the bride’s vestments (like how the Barbaric Cloth Robe would, in my opinion). Being separate pieces, and not a full chest-piece like other options would be, allows the wearer to pair either the kilt or the mantle with a different chest-piece/leg-wear, should they not want to wear the full tribal look.

The groomsman’s outfit is similar to that of the groom’s, but is made to be more in-line in color to the bridesmaid’s attire:

The Stonemason Trousers can be substituted for any other brown pants, like the Brown Linen Pants, to match one’s armor availability.

Island Wedding Locations

For that tropical wedding paradise, head out to places like the shores of Stranglethorn Vale, the beaches of Tanaris and Azshara, or even the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale. The screenshots for this section were taken in Sen’Jin Village in Durator, but the neighboring Echo Isles would be a great place, as well.

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