For the Horde!

While any faction could wear any of these outfits in this wedding theme, I named this section as such because some of the components of the groom’s attire are also found in the Orgrimmar Grunt’s uniform. This makes me imagine a marriage between two Orcs, or other Horde races, in their capital city of Orgrimmar.

    The proud bride and groom together.

The Shimmering Silk Robes is a style of robe not uncommon to most Horde NPC’s (especially around the major cities). The Bouquet of Orange Marigolds, which were introduced to the game from 2009’s new special event: The Day of the Dead, accent the orange/red striping on the robe. The Sandals of the Insurgent can be easily replaced with your favorite pair of sandals.

If you’ve seen the Orgrimmar Grunt article on this site, you could easily recognize the few Sentinel armor pieces from that collection used in the groom’s outfit. Not only do they add character to an all white ensemble, they also match the colors found in the bride’s Shimmering Silk Robes.

Any of your fellow “Hordies” (or, “Allianc-ies”? ^_^) can join in this style, as well.

    The bridesmaid and groomsman.

The Bright Robe is in the same style as the Shimmering Silk Robes, only in a lovely yellow color. For other color alternatives, check out robes like the Chromatic Robe or the Burning Robes.

Should you stay with the Bright Robe’s colors, here is a matching groomsman outfit:

The Green Linen Shirt would also work well in this outfit, as would adding the Sentinel Boots OR the Sentinel Bracers (both would fall into a more formal outfit like the grooms). The Acolyte’s Pants are nice and simple pants to wear, and the match the brown/red stripes on the bridesmaid’s dress.

Horde Wedding Locations

The pictures in this section were taken on top of a tower in Orgrimmar that overlooked the main part of the city, bring in all its color to accent the wedding outfits. Other places for both Horde and Alliance to enjoy would be areas in The Barrens and Durator (not necessarily in the towns), The Badlands, and Nagrand.

Horde Wedding Gifts


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