Free-Spirited Love Birds

Ahhh…the free spirited love birds. We all have friends like this, don’t we?…who’s lives seem to be the inspiration for countless indie-film romantic comedies? They generally have quirky, whimisical, and dramatic personalities, and are not run-of-the mill friends. Again, the bride’s dress is what inspired me to this theme, as I picture her running freely through fields of flowers, laughing, while her groom playfully chases her (….maybe I am that friend…^_^).

    The eccentric bride and groom together…standing…I could not get a good screen shot of them running (believe me, I tried, LoL).

The Silver Dress Robes is the identical, common equivalent to the Scholarly Robes. While most of the robe is white, the color shading that does exist is very dramatic and flattering – perfect for spring time weddings out doors to match with all the different flowers.

I really wish there was a white tuxedo alternative available in game. Not only would it be awesome, I could have played around with the groom’s outfit more to match the bride’s dress. However, the Rich Purple Shirt does go very well, and is only enhanced more by a gold belt like the Glimmering Mail Girdle.

I do not have a picture of the bridesmaid and groomsman together…as they almost wear the same outfit (and I was trading the shirt in between characters). I took the outfit pictures way before beginning to write these articles, and, in retro-spec, I wish I had used different armor pieces/shirts for their outfits…they are basically the same as the groom’s. I will probably update this part of the article later to show a better variety of styles.

But, something I did want for the bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s outfits (or any other guests’ outfits) is to be casual…even so far as blue jeans (seen below). The bride and groom in this theme want everyone to be comfortable, happy, and to have a great time (and, they are not really worried of the “should-do’s” found in traditional weddings).

If the bridesmaid is not as fond as the Simple Kilt as I am, but is still in the blue-jean mode, she can pull on a pair of blue-jean like capris, such as the Royal Trousers or the Abjurer’s Pants.

Not all blue jeans look the same, and the Calico Pants gives for a dustier, darker pair of blue jeans compared to the others mentioned. This same style can be found in many other pants, such as the vendor bought Knitted Pants.

Free Spirit Locations

All of the screen shots in this section were taken in Eversong Woods – perpetual spring time bliss. Other locations could be Azuremyst Isle, the plains of Mulgore, or in Teldrassil…or any other place with a beautiful, sunny scenery (preferably) with open spaces.

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