My Own White Wedding

Mine and Waddell’s wedding was absolutely perfect! I could not have asked for anything better. Just for fun, this article is to complete this specialty wedding collection ^_^ .

Sorry for the picture quality – our photographer did an excellent job…my scanner is the one that is lacking in talent.

/Sexy. Waddell wears his tuxedo very well….what more can I say? ^_^

Kirina did not want a sleeveless, tube-top wedding dress. The off-the-shoulder sleeves of her White Wedding Dress fills this wish, while still being airy enough for Kirina to be cool in the Texas heat. Her Beautiful Wildflowers compliments her simple wedding style.

    The pretty bride and handsome groom together.

Awww…what a happy couple!

    A couple of our friends decorated Matt’s truck with WoW achievements and our characters’ names. It was a cute surprise.

Now that we live together, Waddell and I play WoW back to back in our “computer room” in our apartment, and the game-play seems so much better now that we are in the same room. While we did not meet through the game, it is definitely an interest that brought us closer together.

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