Ironforge Mountaineer

Wandering around Dun Morogh and Loc Modan are the many Mountaineers of Ironforge. While their outfits may look simple, some of the articles of armor can be tricky to get.

Here is Mountaineer Cobbleflint, who is wearing:

The main piece, the Fungus Shroud Armor, is obtained from an elite mob in Maraudan – Meshlok the Harvester. It took me about 10 runs to get it for Merlaina. Another alternative can be the Outland’s quest reward, the Lifewarden’s Breastplate.

The Raptorhide Legguards is a neutral quest reward in Dustwallow Marsh.
**Cataclysm Edit**
The Raptorhide Legguards have since had there model skin changed to something totally not Mountaineer (why would you think this was a good idea, Blizzard?? T-T ). I’ve listed other leg alternatives in this article, but one that I did not mention is the Marauder’s Leggings – they have the same leg-plate style without the green accents underneath.

Some other mountaineers, like the Dun Morogh Mountaineers, have a gold trimming around the face of the hood. This look can be found in helms like the Eldr’naan Hood.

The Emissary Cuffs can be substituted for bracers like the Gossamer Bracers (they look a little bit different, but, whatever); the Gossamer Gloves can be substituted for the Riding Gloves (Alliance quest reward).

I used most of these substitutions in this Ironforge Mountaineer outfit seen on Merlaina:

“No, wait! I want to be like you!”

I do not think the look went over too well…

Anyway, I changed the belt from the Nigh Invulnerability Belt, which requires engineering skill to wear, to the Augmented Chain Belt. It is not an exact match (I could not find one), but, I feel it still goes with the essence of the guard outfit.

Another alternative could be as follows:

I substituted the Raptorhide Legguards for the Field Plate Leggings – both the legguards are in relatively the same style, only the Field Plate Leggings does not have the green under tones…or the buckles…or…/sigh. It’s still a good alternative, as are others like the Platemail Leggings. Trust me. ^_^

If you have the Starsight Tunic, you can make a similar guard outfit just for your character:

The Starsight Tunic is one other chest-piece that shares the same style as the Fungus Shroud Armor, only in purple.

    I don’t think the guards like this alternative, either…

Cataclysm brought some changes to these mountaineers – now with capes! Matching mountaineer capes can be: Gaea’s Embrace, the Ivycloth Cloak, or the Muck-Covered Drape.

I hope this article helps you. Good luck on your Ironforge Mountaineer outfit!

*Disclaimer – No Ironforge Mountaineers were injured/killed in the making of this article…only Merlaina’s pride.*

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