Eastern Kingdoms

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm have wrecked havoc on a lot of our favorite places in the Eastern Kingdoms. These outfits are to represent the Old Azeroth as it was, almost a sort of tribute to those zones that have been destroyed for good.

Most of these outfits can be worn for other zones, as well; and not necessarily only in the Eastern Kingdoms. I only focused on the zones I felt will be most impacted by Cataclysm, but, I will probably come back and add more later…maybe even for some of the new zones that will pop up ^_^.

Stormwind City – The Park
While The Park is not really a zone, per say, I did fall in love with it when I got to explore more of the area on my Alliance girl. Casual outfits for around the major city is another outfit article for another time. This is just my farewell (I got my farewell to Orgrimmar from all the pictures I took for For the Horde wedding article ^_^)

This was just a simple outfit I threw on Lafaunda while she visited the park for the last time.

    There were plenty of places to sit and relax…maybe to even enjoy a good book…

    …and there was a beautiful water feature, as well.

I even snuck Kirina into Stormwind to play in the empty tailoring shop in the Park:

    “Welcome to Kirina’s Closet. Please feel free to browse around!”

There were a lot of empty shops, and a nice big empty tavern, that supported all kinds of role-play. But, even though The Park is now gone, Stormwind City has quite a few other “empty” places players can call their own.

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Stranglethorn Vale
Even though it is now two separate zones, Stranglethorn has not lost its jungle adventure flavor.

There can be two types of outfits to reflect this zone(s). Of course, the main one is the “jungle” primitive outfits to fit in with the voodoo Troll tribes and ruins found amongst the zone. Any type of armor that reflects this can be used, and there are lots more than what I have listed. Remember, less is more with these outfits, and try to add as much contrasting colors as you can; maybe even different animal prints.

Instead of the loincloth look, robes like the Sage’s Robe can bring that same style of the Stormcloth Vest, only more…civilized. It should also be noted that the Stormcloth Vest is no longer available to learn by players, but, maybe an old tailoring friend has the pattern for it.

Off-hands like the Lord Sakrasis’ Scepter is a good off-hand to use for these outfits, or you could go more voodoo like and use a skull off-hand, such as Mordresh’s Lifeless Skull

The Chieftain pieces really bring out the yellow accents in the Ceremonial Leather Harness, which brings that desired mix of color. I got the Voodoo Shaker for Kirina with spare Badge of Justices before the conversion to Justice Points…they were well spent, in my opinion, for this unique off-hand. I just wish I had enough to get the Fetish of the Primal Gods, as well….I guess I can always go back and spend Kirina’s hard earned Justice Points on play gear instead of real gear >.< . The next section of Stranglethorn Vale fashion focuses on the more tourist-y, "I want to shoot big game", cliental....but more tourist-y. ^_^ “This place is kind of run down and sloppy, but, the cruise tickets were non-refundable. Herbert and I really should have gone on holiday sooner. Oh well, we learned our lesson. They do, however, sell the cutest souvenirs made by the locals. I just love my snake shaker!”

Instead of the Buccaneer’s Robes, the Journeyman’s Robe can be used, or any other simple, functional “travel dress.”

“You’re skull decor is primitively tasteful. Where would one get a fine collection such as these, anyway? Martha, come and look at their brilliantly piked skulls…Martha…?”

This is one of those types of outfits were having foot-ware like Ringo’s Blizzard Boots or the Shimmering Geta really take it to a whole new level.

I incorporated some of the jungle outfits’ pieces to give the tourist outfits the feeling that the visitor shopped for “handmade” wares and are now wearing them during their stay. Pirate accents, like the First Mate Hat used above, or any of the many eye patches in-game can also be brought into the outfits because everyone loves the Bloodsail Pirates that still wander around the shores of Stranglethorn.

You also want to keep your “visiting Stranglethorn” outfits simple and light to stay cool in the humid jungles; take a look at the Summer Outfits article for more ideas (which also has screenshots of classic STV).

To have a more STV hunter outfit, maybe some of the leather-working outfits in the Workman article can give you some ideas. Just substitute the knife for a gun of your choice.

The more primitive of these outfits can also be worn when visiting the Trolls’ Sen’jin Village.

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While leveling my new Alliance paladin, I was inevitably led to Westfall to continue my questing there. I remember the classic Westfall quests when leveling there before. The only real issues the “good people” of the zone had to deal with were the Defias gang, which, meh, okay, were a problem. But now, the whole simple, good-hearted spirit of the people, quests, and the zones seems to have disappeared along with the Defias pests. The quests now reflect that of famine and murder…too much reality for a computer game in my opinion, lol.

I hope that these outfits capture the spirit of what Westfall was: simple, hard-working, and will-full. When making a Westfall outfit of your own, do not try to be too elaborate. I also stayed in a very “dull” color range to stay with the golden hills and gray dirt of the zone, kind of like in the original Wizard of Oz movie when everything was brown/white in Kansas.

One of the two items I farmed for before The Shattering hit because I feared they would no longer be in game, was the Master Builder’s Shirt (the other was the Sawbones Shirt…it took me about 3 runs to get each of them). All was in vain, however, as both shirts are still in-game. But, I feel the Master Builder’s Shirt compliments the Unkempt Robe beautifully, though, the Common Gray Shirt is still a great alternative.

There is not much to say about this outfit other than farming outfits are definitely the way to go for Westfall-like outfits. More alternatives can be seen in the Workman article, or continue to the next outfit ^_^ .

Can’t equip 2-handed maces like Kirina? Cataclysm brings the Shovel of Mercy for us one handers….that is…if you are an Undead Priest ~_~ . Bah! But, maybe more like it will come out later…possibly even a pitchfork off-hand frill? Who knows….

This outfit is a prime example of “matching with the background”. I tried to stay in the golden-brown range of colors that are only highlighted by Westfalls earthy beauty.

I do not know where else these outfits could fit in around Azeroth….maybe for the Alliance side of Arathi Highlands. I feel that they are more for Westfall only, since its spirit has been devastated greatly.

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Hillsbrad Foothills
/Sigh. This was the zone, back in the day, that was complete torture and frustration for lowbie characters trying to level (at least on Lightninghoof). But, maybe having it a Horde-zone only will make it better for leveling…

I can not really say that I am a fan for the new Tarren Mill, or Brill even. While I appreciate that the inns in the towns have a different model than the previous Goldshire copies, both towns now seem cynical and “Frankenstein” like, and it makes the Forsaken, in my opinion, seem much more “evil” and “conniving” (some will argue that this is a better spirit for them…maybe?). I found the towns much more haunting when they were run-down shacks reminiscent of the possible Human lives the Forsaken characters once had, but now are deteriorating away just as the people who inhabit them are. I don’t know, maybe it is just me…

A possible color schemes for this outfit is: dark, but not too dark. LoL, what does that mean, Kirina? I stayed with dark blues, greens, and the occasional black, but also tried to still soften the look (the zones aren’t that gloomy). For Forsaken characters, I like to focus on already tattered clothing, which becomes more tattered on their bodies.

A more Human-like outfit…possibly worn when he was buried? The Shadow Council Tunic has dirty looking sleeves, and the other fancy items, like the Haliscan Pantaloons, become a ragged memory of what the pants were long ago. I added the Eerie Stable Lantern because, well, it’s eerie…and when walking at night in the zone, it definetly gives off an ominous glow.

The Mystic Set is one of those sets where just about every piece is torn in some way. An easier-to-get alternative (for Horde) would be the Tattered Cloth set; however, I chose to stay with the Mystic pieces because of their darker blue accents, which match the Undercity Doublet better.

While this robe is dropped off of spiders in Tirisfal Glades, it is still a very nice Hillsbrad outfit alternative. Once again, the Master Builder’s Shirt adds that extra touch of flair.

Any of these outfits can be worn in other places, such as Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forest, or even in Northerned around Vengence Landing in the Howling Fjord.

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The Wetlands
So, The Wetlands was not as destroyed as I thought. But, I still wanted to make outfits for it due to their versatility in other places.

The Wetlands sort of remind me of the swamps around Florida and Louisiana. Because of this, the armor I chose to focus on in these outfits are thick leather (especially for boots) and cloth (easier to move around in and won’t rust like mail and plate) in green/brown colors that match the swampy environment. I also stayed away from robe alternatives to go along with walking-through-a-swamp theme.

The brilliant red/orange hues in this outfit are stylish and they brighten your character away from the surroundings. The overall outfit, however, still plays in to the part with tromping around in muddy areas with the Tracker’s Boots.

This is another example of a “swampy” outfit. The Seawolf Gloves were a neutral quest reward from some pirates out in Arathi Highlands, but, sadly, are not in-game anymore. Any other leather or heavy cloth gloves will due, especially if they have green “algae” like accents to it.

Okay, okay. I know I veered away from the “green and brown” scheme, but, I still thought this was a nice Wetlands alternative. I thought this would be a good Menethil Harbor “dock master” outfit. He definitely stands out from the scenery, but it is still functional.

I figure these outfits could be worn in Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow Marsh, and maybe even Loch Modan (like the first one with more color)

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I know that there are a limited number of outfits per zone. However, and hopefully, they have given you some ideas on what to focus on when putting together an Eastern Kingdom outfit of your own ^_^

The zone-change information listed in this article was taken from: WoWWiki – WoW Cataclysm article.


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