Summer Outfits

Ah, summer time: the time of year we wish it were in any other season, but, complain about once it’s here…because it is SO HOT!! (well, at least where I’m at).

In any case, there are many lovely and sunny places to visit around Azeroth for the perfect summer get-a-way any time of the year. Kirina was “on location” in Stranglethorn Vale for these summer pictures.

I tried to stay in the cloth armor realm – to be a bit less clingy and more airy to ward off heat – for these outfits; though, a couple of lighter leather pieces might have sneaked their way into some of the ensembles. While in the Midsummer Article I stuck with red/orange/yellow colors for the outfits, in this article I really do not denote a color preference. Any armor that is light, airy, and fun will work for summer-time wear. And, while there are many sleeveless robes that could be worn as “sun dresses”, I chose to create outfits with pants/shorts for more summer-time play clothes…I do not know too many people who wear a dress to the beach.

The Soulcloth Vest, tailored made by tailors who raided early in BC, is a perfect summer-time staple. It looks like a fashionable tube-top on ladies. On guy characters an outfit like this would look very different – the Soulcloth Vest creates a full tank top on males…though, I have to say that the colors, in my opinion, are a little extreme on guys…but maybe that’s just me ^_^ . The Girdle of Nobility drops from a rare mob, the Brainwashed Noble, who can be found stalking around in the mines outside of The Deadmines entrance. It was fairly easy to get, and, it is very versatile in many outfits.

The Darkweave Breeches can be substituted for other pants, such as the Royal Trousers:

I added the Cerulean Filigreed Shirt just for some added flair – the blues of the shirt and vest blend together perfectly, while the silver lining on the shirt accents the silver detailing on the belt.

Either of these outfits could be worn with full length pants, such as the Knitted Pants, if your guy character would prefer as much.

Another capri-style pants like the Royal Trousers are the brown Archmage Pants:

This is a simple outfit that looks great and both guys and gals. Another pair of pants in the same style as the Archmage Pants is the Twill Pants.

For a more spruced up outfit with the Archmage Pants, try:

The Golden Filigreed Shirt ties in the gold accents of the belt and the brown color of the vest and pants. The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat can be substituted for any other desired hat, but, I felt its brown color matched better with the rest of the outfit.

For a more sunny approach, the vendor bought Thick Cloth Vest can be used with the Archmage Pants as well:

The blue stripes in the sleeves matches the blue in the vest…I guess that was pretty obvious ^_^.

A good “pair of shorts” for both guys and gals, and is not a quest reward, are the Gossamer Pants:

This is a simple summer outfit, and is quite similar to the Archmage Pant outfit before it.

Another sleeveless shirt alternative is the Bold Yellow Shirt, which also looks great with these shorts ^_^.

This next outfit is one of my favorites for Kirina:

The Bonechewer Chestpiece can be replaced for any other chest-piece/shirt in the same style, such as the Lookout’s Tunic, the Sun Cured Vest, and the Silvermoon Tunic

To add the element of fire to any of these summer outfits, a good place to start is with the Cindercloth Vest:

The Cindercloth Vest is a beautiful mix of red, gold, and orange. The Gossamer Belt blends perfectly being both gold and black.

The Seafarer’s Pantaloons drop from a rare crocolisk in Loc Modan (again, it was pretty easy to get). These gold-capri style pants are not commonly seen anymore, so, they will definitely turn some heads; they are also very versatile in many outfits – from fancy to casual. These are the same pants worn by the Dread Crew of Captain DeMeza during the Pirate’s Day event.

Other gold/red/orange tunics would look good with either of these pants, as well. The gold Elegant Tunic, or the Goldweave Tunic, would be a great substitute chest-piece while wearing the Seafarers Pantaloons. The Seafarers Pantaloons themselves can be replaced for the Bluegill Breeches (exact match), other gold-ish pants, such as the Brightcloth Pants.

Another outfit using the Seafarer’s Pantaloons can be:

In my opinion, this is one of those “fancy summer” outfits. The Starfire Vest in this outfit can be worn with the Formal White Shirt for a more frilly look. I could not decide on a decent belt to wear in this ensemble…I guess a sash like the High Councillor’s Sash would work, but, I just was not feeling it when I was putting these outfits.

This was one of those outfits that I did not think the different pieces would go well together, but, I feel that they do. The Girdle of Nobility matches the blue in the vest, and both the belt and the shirt share the same silver accents in the vest (the belt buckle especially). Instead of the Seafarer’s Pantaloons, the Brightcloth Pants might be a better match to the vest, seeing how they are a darker gold color.

One of my favorite robes in the game for Kirina is the Civinad Robes (Simple Robe), so, it’s only natural that I would have an of outfit made with the Red Mageweave Vest:

This chest-piece is in the same style as the robes, but, is much more practical for summer-time wear.

Another Outland’s tailored gem is the Flameheart Vest:

This cute red top looks great on guys, as well…it’s in the same style, only longer. Other tops in the same style are the Primalstorm Breastplate (red/gold), the Primalstrike Vest (purple/gold), Raging Spirit Harness (purple/gold), Lo’aps Tunic of Muck Diving (blue/gold), Imbued Netherweave Tunic (purple/gold) and the Windchanneler’s Tunic (blue/gold).

Other “short” tops that are more common are the oldies, but goldies, the Calico Tunic and the Interlaced Vest:

Of course, for guy characters, both of these chest pieces are long tank tops. The same style as the Calico Tunic can be found in another chest piece, the Farmhand’s Vest(Alliance quest reward) There are a couple of shirts in the same style as the Interlaced Vest, like the Neophyte’s Shirt, Squire’s Shirt, and the Scout’s Shirt. There are quite a few actual chest pieces to consider as well, like the Willow Vest.

Another pair of shorts that can also double as a type of bathing suit for either female or male characters is the Sentinel Trousers:

Keep the other armor pieces simple…

…or add more to make a full outfit. Either way, it is definitely a stylish summer article of clothing.

    Take off the accessories for an instant bathing suit!
    “Cannon Ball!”

And finally, a couple of Simple Kilt outfits for casual, summer evening walks along the boardwalk:

This outfit shows another way to wear the Soulcloth Vest. The Sleeveless T-Shirt continues the white accents on the vest (and covers more of the chest ^_^), while style being cool and comfortable.

The brown Apprentice’s Shirt is another great shirt to layer underneath the Flameheart Vest. It matches the Knitted Belt, and keeps the outfit simple.

I hope this article helped you for some in-game summer outfits, and that you all have been having a wonderful summer!

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