Sep 19 2010

Happy Pirates Day!


Just for fun, I brought back last year’s post. Choose your side wisely. ^_^ Also remember to check out Kamalia’s Pirates outfits for some other great ideas!
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“Ahoy, ‘tharr’! It be Talk Like a Pirate’s Day today, September 19th! Be sure t’ check out them…”


“ARRRRR!! Can’t look away…..must “star” in this….direction….”
“That be weird. Anyway, as I be sayin’, be sure t’ check ou’ them swashbucklar outfits if ye`re goin’ t’ be joinin’ in wi’…”


Don’t fall into the foolish and drunkard nature of piracy. Follow your true calling, be a quiet rebel, and dress like one of us this September 19…

Choose Your Side: Pirate Outfits | Ninja Outfits

Jul 22 2010

NPC Mania!


Added a lot of new stuff to the NPC section of this site, including posting a couple of outfits from the forum under the Guest Writing section.

Want to share your own favorite NPC outfit? Post it up on the forum today!

Go To: Ironforge Mountaineer | Jaina Proudmoore ~ by Maeryn | Aimee Outfit ~ by Malyndia | NPC Directory

Jul 13 2010

Professional Mystics


Finally finished another profession(s) outfits article, this time for all you enchanters, jewel-crafters, and scribes. Yea! I also posted Kamalia’s inscription outfit article that has been on the forum forever (sorry for the wait, Kam…it’s here now, though ^_^). Hope you all enjoy!

I should have the summer outfits out soon; I finally have all the armor items I wanted to include in that article.

Go To: The Mystic | Kamalia’s Inscription Outfits

Jan 5 2010

Stormwind City Guard Update


A new outfit variation for one of our favorite guards! See Cogspinner’s original post on the forum, and while you’re there, post up some of your own outfits as well!


Dec 10 2009

Kirina’s Closet’s Guest Authors Are at it Again!


Kamalia, and this site’s newest guest author, Malyndia, have been coming up with some great outfits! We have some new cooking outfits (as seen in the picture above), and a new article under the Guest-Writers’ Around Town page entitled: Filigreed Fever! (preview below).

Check out the forums for their original posts that includes these outfits and more! Post your outfits up while you’re there! ^_^

Cooking Outfits|Filigreed Fever