Nov 21 2010

Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!


The Pilgrim’s Bounty event started today for 2010! Yea!

I have already done all the achievements and have gotten all the items on Kirina, so, for me to have fun this year at the event, I’m focusing on my Human girl, Lafaunda (yes…Napolean Dynamite ^_^ I thought it was a cute name for her).

Anyway I put together a quick outfit for her to wear while she work towards her Pilgrim outfit, and this is what I found happened to the Journeyman’s Vest

I love this look! I hope it’s not a bug. I wrote about something like this about the Gossamer Tunic in my Fall outfit article, but, that chest-piece was “broken” in that it did not fill in the shirt below the belt (it was just flesh colored without a shirt equipped). I hope this look is here to stay, and occurs with more of our favorite chest-pieces.

If anyone has more information (like if this look only happens for only girl characters or guy characters), or if you know of other chest-pieces that this is happening to, please let us know ^_^

Sep 20 2010

A Happy Brewfest to Ya!


I logged on this morning to do a couple of the Brewfest quests, and I noticed I was never directed to the main Brewfest goblin to get a souvenir mug…does anyone know if they did not include one for this year? If so, that saddens me…but at least you have some of Kirina’s Brewfest outfit ideas to lessen the blow ^_^


Sep 19 2010

Happy Pirates Day!


Just for fun, I brought back last year’s post. Choose your side wisely. ^_^ Also remember to check out Kamalia’s Pirates outfits for some other great ideas!
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“Ahoy, ‘tharr’! It be Talk Like a Pirate’s Day today, September 19th! Be sure t’ check out them…”


“ARRRRR!! Can’t look away…..must “star” in this….direction….”
“That be weird. Anyway, as I be sayin’, be sure t’ check ou’ them swashbucklar outfits if ye`re goin’ t’ be joinin’ in wi’…”


Don’t fall into the foolish and drunkard nature of piracy. Follow your true calling, be a quiet rebel, and dress like one of us this September 19…

Choose Your Side: Pirate Outfits | Ninja Outfits

Sep 15 2010

Happy Harvest Festival!


I posted this early because tomorrow is going to be a busy day ^_^ . If you missed this article last year, follow the link below for some Harvest Festival outfits ideas.


Jul 4 2010

Happy Engineer’s Explosive Extravaganza!


Enjoy the final day of the Midsummer Fire Festival in style, as the skies of Azeroth will be lit up with an amazing 4th of July fireworks display (Engineers’ Explosive Extravaganza) tonight.