Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!


The Pilgrim’s Bounty event started today for 2010! Yea!

I have already done all the achievements and have gotten all the items on Kirina, so, for me to have fun this year at the event, I’m focusing on my Human girl, Lafaunda (yes…Napolean Dynamite ^_^ I thought it was a cute name for her).

Anyway I put together a quick outfit for her to wear while she work towards her Pilgrim outfit, and this is what I found happened to the Journeyman’s Vest

I love this look! I hope it’s not a bug. I wrote about something like this about the Gossamer Tunic in my Fall outfit article, but, that chest-piece was “broken” in that it did not fill in the shirt below the belt (it was just flesh colored without a shirt equipped). I hope this look is here to stay, and occurs with more of our favorite chest-pieces.

If anyone has more information (like if this look only happens for only girl characters or guy characters), or if you know of other chest-pieces that this is happening to, please let us know ^_^

3 Responses to “Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!”

  • Kamalia Says:

    The tunic extensions seem to have disappeared with patch 4.0.3a — or at any rate, the Bloodwoven Tunic no longer has that goofy frill around the hips and Kregga matches the rest of the Thunder Bluff Bankers perfectly again.

  • Kirina Says:

    I never thought of the Bloodwoven Jerkin as the type of chestpiece that would do that. Weird. That sucks that it messed up your TB banker.

  • Kamalia Says:

    I’ve seen this, too. I collected the Bloodwoven set for my banker because it matches the clothes of the Thunder Bluff bankers. Since the patch, the tunic of that set has been lengthened to below the belt, making a little ruff around the hips that looks rather odd while she’s running around. The NPC bankers, however, don’t have the extended tunic, and so my banker doesn’t match them so perfectly anymore 🙁

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