Fall Outfits

Autumn is my absolute favorite season, I guess because I do not get to see a “traditional autumn scene” very much down here in south Texas.

In any case, here are Kirina’s fall-time outfits – perfect to be worn while visiting beautiful Azshara. As you can see, I stayed primarly in the brown/orange/gold color range, accenting with red here and there. Other earthy colors, like dark greens, blues, and purples (plum colors?), are also great for fall wear.

This first outfit uses the Vestment of Summer for fall fashion as a way to symbolize the transition between summer to fall (which would have been more fitting if this article had been published mid-September as it should have been ^.^ ):

I always found that the Vestment of Summer used more “autumn colors”. By adding a longer sleeved shirt and light gloves, this defines the robe to be more for fall-time wear.

If you did not buy the Bouquet of Orange Marigolds during the Day of the Dead event last year, don’t worry…it is just around the corner!

Another great fall-time robe that is not seen too much (possibly because not too many people know about it) is the Draenic Silk Robes:

These robes are bought for 50g from either one of the two vendors found on the Alliance Traveling Tundra Mammoth mount. It was a little tricky for me to get it as a Horde player. I had to transfer via neutral auction house 50 gold to my Alliance alt, wait for an Alliance in Stormwind to be mounted on this mount, buy said robe, and then transfer it once again through the neutral AH. Worth the time though, in my opinion, and it can be worn at any level, so, it’s perfect for those bank alts who like to be different ^_^

I found that the Sun Cured armor pieces best matched the browns used in the robe; however, any other desired accessories can be worn.

Ahh, of course, Kirina’s Civinad Robes:

This is one of those “classic” outfits that I always have on hand for Kirina. The Civinad Robes is the same style and color as the Simple Robe for all of those who can not get the previous.

Kamalia posted a great little article on her site over sweaters. Continuing with the trend, this outfit uses a blue “sweater” with the Mystic Sarong:

I choose not to use a belt for this outfit, as the sarong has its own matching blue waistband that blends perfectly with the chest-piece.

This outfit makes me think of someone “who wants to have that ‘tribal’ thing going, but still warm at the same time”….which is perfectly all right ^_^

There are many different colors to this type of “sweater” style. Mix and match them with other kilts for your favorite style.

Another fall time kilt to consider is the Warchief Kilt (which is also very tribal looking):

Again, I stayed simple with the accessories, using vendor-bought items, but any other orange/brown gear can be used just the same. I felt, however, that the Woven pieces brought the rugged element into the outfit, while still matching in color.

These next outfits are great for both guys and gals! They use pants, LoL ^_^

This next outfit, while being a poorly disguised WoW Model Viewer outfit (I could not get a hold of the Resilient Tunic!! Classic fall must have, in my opinion!! T-T), fits the autumn bill to a T with its brown and gold mix of colors:

What more can I say other than, “I wish I had that tunic?”, LoL.

An adaptation of the previous outfit uses the Twill Vest:

Similar to the previous outfit, yes…just as eye catching….maybe? It’s really up to you, and what you have available for your character.

Lighter brown outfits look just as great:

Again, the Sun Cured armor piece(s) accent an outfit perfectly. One can even exclude the Padded Bracers to create the single gold stripe on the shirt from the gloves.

Similar to the Civinad Robes, the Red Mageweave Vest is the same style and color, only in tunic form:

Instead of the capri-style Royal Trousers, pants like the Knitted Pants, or any longer “blue jean” equivalent can be used.

This next outfit had a little bug to it…which I hope will be a permanent bug:

I wanted to make a fall outfit that uses the Gossamer Tunic. When I got around to this outfit, the tunic stretched below the belt (without a shirt, it was just skin colored). I do not know why this happened with this tunic, however, I hope the bug is fixed for the tunic to stretch below the belt for good (and be the tunic colors, not skin). I really would like to see this style of clothing layering that has been the long envy of NPCs to be available on players. Maybe this is a start? Maybe this was just my computer? Who knows…but I know the Gossamer Tunic, bugged out or normal, is a great choice for a fall outfit.

I have been a long fan of the Bonechewer set, and, it seemed fitting to include for this article with its wine purple/gold/and brown color scheme. And, while the whole set can be worn together, taking key pieces and mixing them with other clothing items is fun too!

I choose to use the Serenity Belt to match the green trim to the vest, as well as the gold accents found in the pants. Of course, the Bonechewer Pelt-Girdle, its matching Sun Cured Belt, or any other desired waistband is perfectly all right to use.

I love this outfit for her! ^_^

For both of these outfits, either the Bonechewer Shredboots, or the Sun Cured Boots, is a good choice of foot-wear and will match perfectly.

This next outfit is more “dustier”, and brings more of that “autumn red” color into an outfit for fall-time:

The Durable Pants match the darker brown lining on the tunic and the boots; the red in the cuffs of the shirt also match the tunic.

The following two outfits incorporate more of those “other” fall colors I mentioned at the start of this article. To start off with something simple:

I honestly really do not have much to say about this outfit. I did have trouble deciding between the Wizard’s Belt and the High Councillor’s Sash. At least the boots match both the hat and the plum accents on the chest-piece and pants ^_^.

Another style can be:

“Here’s that inquisitive deer again…shoo!”

Both of these outfits can use the correlating Cross-Stitched Gloves as a much needed accessory, I just did not have them available on Kirina.

For mail wearers, the Light Chain Set is a great and simple place to start when using mail items in with your fall outfits:

The dark brown color of the mail armor pieces are lightened with the gold shirt. The Linen Boots have a lining that matches the red in the cuffs of the sleeves on the shirt.

Other simple mail sets to consider for fall outfits are the Light Chain set and the Rusted Chain set.

And finally, a Simple Kilt outfit:

Similar to the outfit before it, the Bonechewer Chestpiece goes great with the Simple Kilt, as well. Any of the other outfits in this article can also be easily adapted to be worn with this skirt.

This article concludes the Four Season collection, and I hope that it has been worth the wait, or at least inspired you to re-visit Azshara in-game. Have a happy fall!

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