A Happy Brewfest to Ya!


I logged on this morning to do a couple of the Brewfest quests, and I noticed I was never directed to the main Brewfest goblin to get a souvenir mug…does anyone know if they did not include one for this year? If so, that saddens me…but at least you have some of Kirina’s Brewfest outfit ideas to lessen the blow ^_^


2 Responses to “A Happy Brewfest to Ya!”

  • Kirina Says:

    That is sad. I was really wishing for a Purple Brewfest Stein to pop up…or maybe even an Amber one. Oh well…maybe they’ll add more to all the holiday events for Cata ^_^

  • Hyacintha Says:

    Sadly, there isn’t a new mug. People who didn’t do the holiday last year have been getting the Green Brewfest Mug, but those who already have it are just out of luck. =(

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