Kirina’s Closet’s Guest Authors Are at it Again!


Kamalia, and this site’s newest guest author, Malyndia, have been coming up with some great outfits! We have some new cooking outfits (as seen in the picture above), and a new article under the Guest-Writers’ Around Town page entitled: Filigreed Fever! (preview below).

Check out the forums for their original posts that includes these outfits and more! Post your outfits up while you’re there! ^_^

Cooking Outfits|Filigreed Fever

2 Responses to “Kirina’s Closet’s Guest Authors Are at it Again!”

  • Kirina Says:

    Yeah, I feel sorry for those that can’t equip maces and are stripped of having a rolling pin to add to their outfits. That’s why I feel there needs to be more profession-oriented off-hands for everyone to use.

  • Hanuma Says:

    I loved those cooking outfits! I have a soft spot for tauren and…Kamalia…sooo adorable! *hides*

    Every time I got that bug with pant suits and shirt, I flinched and changed clothes, but that combo looks really good! I like it a lot.

    I’ve been using my Brewfest Dress and Chef’s Hat when baking. And lucky you that can use the tenderizer! As a mage, all I get is a little twig (Cookie’s Stirring Rod) to poke at my cookie dough…

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