Sep 14 2010

The Workman, Revisited.


Finally got around to finishing this article, well, elaborating on it, really. I took out the engineer outfits from the original write-up…maybe a separate article for these outfits in the near future? ^_^

I know this isn’t the best type of article to be waiting for something new to read for almost a month, and for that, I apologize. My schedule has been devoted to school and home-life, which hasn’t left me much left over for leisure activities. Plus, I’ve been sick!! One of my professors still taught when he had the flu…and guess who sits in the front row?! >.< Anyway, more to come soon, hopefully. And, I'll make it more your while ^_^

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Jul 13 2010

Professional Mystics


Finally finished another profession(s) outfits article, this time for all you enchanters, jewel-crafters, and scribes. Yea! I also posted Kamalia’s inscription outfit article that has been on the forum forever (sorry for the wait, Kam…it’s here now, though ^_^). Hope you all enjoy!

I should have the summer outfits out soon; I finally have all the armor items I wanted to include in that article.

Go To: The Mystic | Kamalia’s Inscription Outfits

Mar 23 2010

The Crafter


Wow…FINALLY! LoL…I’ve been working on this article for about a month, and have been blustering about “it’ll be up soon…”. Hopefully, it is worth the wait. It includes outfits for tailors, leather-workers, and blacksmiths all in one!

And do know that I am still planning on revamping some of the other professional outfits, and adding more to it, at a later (hopefully soon) date.


Oct 11 2009

The Chef (Again)


Finally got my Chef’s Hat! Check out the updated outfits.


Aug 5 2009

The Chef


Kirina’s cooking outfits are here! Yea for patch 3.2!