Aug 18 2011

Bank Alts and Transmogrification in 4.3


While I know it’s pretty late to be doing so, I have been slowly working on Bank Alt fashion and have just about finished (in all honesty, bank alts should have been among the first articles for this site)…I still have a little bit more work to do on the Horde Bank Alts.

Check out what I have so far under the Low Level Looks – The Bank Alt Collection.

Patch 4.3 has been announced, and along with Deathwing, other things have been announced…awesome things…like a “Void Bag” – 100+ bank slot bag for old gear – and “Transmogrification” – the ultimate gear customization. All I can say is,


Transmogrification works a lot like reforging an items stats…only you’re changing your top tier PvE gear to look like your favorite old-world tier set…or, the “Black Mageweave Set” (please, PLEASE be more creative than that set lol ^_^…really, though, so many players will do that it won’t be funny and/or unique). This ability is so much more than I could have imagined having in-game, and, the possibilities of what I want Kirina to wear in battlegrounds blows even my mind.

Read more about patch 4.3 highlights here

I start back school on the 22nd; however, not as a student (yea!) but as a teacher! Therefore, I’m sure this site will be updated slowly. Hopefully, though, I’ll crank out more class outfits in preparation for this patch!

Also, I started a new topic on the forum – Transmogrification FTW – feel free to let us know what outfits you are considering to “transmog.”.

Jan 26 2011

Changes to the Forum


If you have not been to the forum in a while, chances are you were avoiding it like the plague due to the influx of spam…well, that’s a good excuse if you’ve forgotten that it exists ^_^

I have been trying to keep it clean as I possibly could to make the experience more enjoyable for you when reading. But lately, it has gotten much worse with the amount of spam that has been posted. So, I changed all the user settings and locked down boards to reduce/prevent spam from infiltrating the actual boards people want to read. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner…maybe I was trying to be too nice.

If you have posted at least once on the forum, you will notice that your account is now a “Forum Member”. Your forum experience should be unchanged.

If you have been a (legitimate) registered user on the site, but you have never posted anything, I’m sorry, but, your account has been deleted. With over 2000 “registered users”, it was hard to distinguish between actual readers and spam, so, I deleted everyone. Please feel free to register again, and even ask to be promoted to a Forum Member…even if you do not plan to make posts.

Please visit the forum for more information.

Jul 22 2010

NPC Mania!


Added a lot of new stuff to the NPC section of this site, including posting a couple of outfits from the forum under the Guest Writing section.

Want to share your own favorite NPC outfit? Post it up on the forum today!

Go To: Ironforge Mountaineer | Jaina Proudmoore ~ by Maeryn | Aimee Outfit ~ by Malyndia | NPC Directory

Mar 2 2010

I’m still around…


…Just extremely busy with classes and wedding stuff! LoL, this is my “OMG, so sorry I haven’t posted anything yet!” post just to apologize to those who were wondering when the next article would be ^_^

My focus for the next couple of articles is professional wear. I’ve been meaning to add more types of professions, and revamp some of the articles already published(not my alchemy one ^_^). So, we should start to see those pop up in the near future.

March 20th is also the first day of spring (technically), and it will be time for a new “4 Season” article. Yea!

And then, hopefully, I can get back to adding more “Top of the Class” outfits….I just kinda left those when I got caught up with all the in-game world events since September.

Anyway, there will be more to look at on this site soon. In the mean time, there’s always the wonderful Kirina’s Closet Forum!

~ Kirina

Feb 15 2010

<3s to Everyone!


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day weekend…I sure did! ^_^ Which is also the reason why my Lunar Festival article isn’t up ^.^ Stay tuned – it will be up this week (it lasts until March 3rd, so, there’s a while to get a special outfit for yourself ^_^).

For those of us who couldn’t tell the difference between the festival’s decor, and what decorations were up for the love event, the Lunar Festival actually started yesterday, Valentine’s Day. Really, no changes came to this event, except for the additions of Elders in Northrend.

Two words: The Forum. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, please do. There is so much to see and talk about…almost too much even for me to keep up with! Kamalia posted some of her Lovely outfits, and many other new readers are posting their favorite RP outfits (which are amazing!). Perhaps you can show us some of your own outfits while you’re there? ^_^