Bank Alts and Transmogrification in 4.3


While I know it’s pretty late to be doing so, I have been slowly working on Bank Alt fashion and have just about finished (in all honesty, bank alts should have been among the first articles for this site)…I still have a little bit more work to do on the Horde Bank Alts.

Check out what I have so far under the Low Level Looks – The Bank Alt Collection.

Patch 4.3 has been announced, and along with Deathwing, other things have been announced…awesome things…like a “Void Bag” – 100+ bank slot bag for old gear – and “Transmogrification” – the ultimate gear customization. All I can say is,


Transmogrification works a lot like reforging an items stats…only you’re changing your top tier PvE gear to look like your favorite old-world tier set…or, the “Black Mageweave Set” (please, PLEASE be more creative than that set lol ^_^…really, though, so many players will do that it won’t be funny and/or unique). This ability is so much more than I could have imagined having in-game, and, the possibilities of what I want Kirina to wear in battlegrounds blows even my mind.

Read more about patch 4.3 highlights here

I start back school on the 22nd; however, not as a student (yea!) but as a teacher! Therefore, I’m sure this site will be updated slowly. Hopefully, though, I’ll crank out more class outfits in preparation for this patch!

Also, I started a new topic on the forum – Transmogrification FTW – feel free to let us know what outfits you are considering to “transmog.”.

7 Responses to “Bank Alts and Transmogrification in 4.3”

  • Kamalia Says:

    I’m pretty excited about Transmogrification and Void Storage XD
    Also, yay for new Kirina fashions!

  • Kirina Says:

    ^_^ That is a very cool outfit, Jen! I bet you can’t wait for 4.3 to hit ^_*

  • Jennifer Says:

    Did you see my blog post with my outfit for Chatmay? It looks really cool!

  • Kirina Says:

    @ Dom: I can’t decide what to do for Kirina either…I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of gold changing her outfit every day to fit the mode she/I am in ^_^

    @ Tanwen: LoL! I can’t imagine what having bag-space will be like either. I can finally collect all the tabards now!

    @ Navimie: It has been ages, but, I am happy to know that the articles are still appreciated. If you’d like to replace your Black Ice…and have the 3500g to pay for it…Haris Pilton sells the identical Black Diamond Ring, which is not BOE.

  • Navimie Says:

    Kirina great to see a post from you (felt like it’s been ages!) and thanks for the alt bank dressing tips! Damn, I wish I hadn’t vendored my Black Ice now…

  • Tanwen Says:

    I crossed off the “MOAR BANK SPACE” request from my wishlist on the blog since Void Storage (sorta) fulfills that request. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have SPACE in my bank again! AND I can admire all my empty slots while wearing Absolution over my raid gear!

  • Dom Says:

    Its hard to choose what will your character be using. Have a dark hunter kind, or just go with a more traditional style?. Keep my druid into its roots and go with something like tier2 or go all commando with some leather and make him look diferent?!

    Cant make up my mind!

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